By Alan Murray and David Meyer
July 19, 2018

Good morning.

Some final excerpts from Brainstorm Tech, which ended yesterday in Aspen:

Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital, on why he invested in Tony Xu’s DoorDash food delivery: “We have a thesis at Sequoia that good investing addresses one of the seven deadly sins. Tony addressed two of them: sloth and gluttony.”

Tony Xu on why the world needs DoorDash: “It’s virtually impossible for a single store to do its own deliveries—there are always too many drivers or too few.”

Dan Hart of Virgin Orbit on working with the government: “There is a desire in government to be as agile as the private sector… but there is a whole cultural progression they have to go through” before that happens.

Author Tom Friedman on the effects of AI: “It’s not the strongest that survive, it’s not the smartest that survive, it’s the most adaptive that survive. We are in the middle of a giant adaptation challenge… at the individual level, at the community level, and at the corporate level.”

You can read more from Brainstorm Tech here.

Also this morning, we are publishing Geoff Colvin’s piece for the August issue of Fortune on why the end (of the expansion) is near.

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Alan Murray


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