Newly sworn in President Donald Trump, right, salutes the Coast Guard.
John McDonnell—The Washington Post/Getty Images
By Kevin Kelleher
July 19, 2018

The military parade that President Trump asked the Pentagon to organize for him is likely to cost about $12 million, CNN reported, citing three US defense officials.

The officials said that the $12 million number is “a planning figure,” noting that the final figure could be different as plans for the event unfold. The parade is scheduled to take place in time to celebrate Veterans Day this November.

Earlier reports suggested that the parade will highlight the role of women in the military and the contributions of veterans from the Revolutionary War until today. It will not include tanks, which could damage the capitol’s infrastructure.

The news left some people on Twitter imagining how that money could be better spent.

Trump has been wishing to stage a military parade in Washington ever since visiting France last year, where he attended Bastille Day celebrations and was feted with a military parade along the Champs-Élysées and dinner at the Eiffel Tower. He later tasked the Pentagon with planning a parade of his own.


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