By Jonathan Sperling
May 31, 2018

Tesla has denied a report made earlier this week that one of its Model S vehicles started up on its own and crashed into several cars in Brussels while in Autopilot mode, according to Bloomberg.

The automaker contends that the vehicle’s driver was in control and was not using the Autopilot feature when his Model S crashed into five parked cars on Tuesday, according to an email statement sent from Tesla’s Brussels dealership to the news service.

“We have investigated the facts of the incident and we can confirm that the customer was driving and operating his car himself, without using Autopilot, which is a level 2 driving assistance system that doesn’t make a Tesla a self-driving car,” the statement read.

Despite the name, Tesla (tsla) considers Autopilot to be a form of adaptive cruise control, in which drivers are still required to remain alert and be prepared to take action at any time during driving.

On Tuesday, a Tesla sedan traveling in Autopilot mode crashed into a parked police cruiser in Laguna Beach, Calif. The vehicle’s driver sustained minor injuries, according to police.


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