By Alan Murray and David Meyer
April 13, 2018

Good Friday morning.

At CEO Daily, we write a lot about how the next generation of technology is going to transform virtually every function at every company in every industry. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours with IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and her top team in Armonk, and came away convinced even more of just how profound that transformation is going to be.

Diane Gherson, IBM’s senior vice president for HR, told me about how the company is using Watson technology to transform the HR function–often the most backward, and least automated, corporate division. The technology is being used to help process and screen future employees, scan current employees for flight risk, make pay recommendations, answer complicated HR questions via chat bots, and provide personalized, online training recommendations for employees. The company says HR is one of the fast-growing areas for applying Watson technology.

And Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president for industry platforms, told me about how blockchain technology is being used by Walmart and others in the food industry to keep track of the source of food for safety reasons, and by Maersk in the shipping industry to greatly reduce paperwork and port time. She sees vast applications in supply chains, payment systems, and personal identity.

It’s because of these kinds of changes that Fortune has teamed up with McKinsey & Co. to launch Brainstorm Reinvent, a two-day conference to help non-tech business leaders understand the rapid tech changes coming their way. We’ll be holding our first meeting in Chicago on September 24-25. It’s by invitation only for C-level executives, but if you’re interested in attending, you can email me or apply for an invitation here. I’ll be in Chicago next week, hosting a dinner with business leaders to gather ideas for our inaugural event.

Enjoy the weekend. News below.

Alan Murray


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