By Aaron Pressman and Adam Lashinsky
July 14, 2017

Welcome to the end of the work week. Aaron standing in today for Adam, who is traveling out to Aspen for our Brainstorm Tech conference. I’ll be joining him soon. The prospect of spending many hours stuck “strapped into bad chairs, stuffed into an aluminum tube aslosh with jet fuel,” as the sci-fi author Neal Stephenson once described modern air travel, has me thinking about diversions.

One obvious way to pass the time is listening to some of the insanely great podcasts that have cropped up the last few years. Here are a couple I try to catch regularly:

Beyond Devices. This is a conversation about the week’s big tech stories between Jan Dawson, an independent analyst who you’ll often see quoted by Fortune and other publications, and Aaron Miller, an assistant professor at BYU’s business school. Serious talk with serious analysis.
Rocket. At the opposite end of the seriousness spectrum but equally enlightening and perhaps a bit more entertaining is this discussion of weekly tech headlines by Polygon reporter Simone De Rochefort, former tech reporter Christina Warren, and software developer (and now Congressional candidate) Brianna Wu. If you like some pop culture and more laughs with your tech news, give a listen.
The Talk Show. This is the podcast of blogger John Gruber, of He’s been one of the great columnists writing about Apple over the past decade and describes his podcast as the “director’s commentary” to his blog. The only problem here is the shows come out irregularly and can be multi-hours long. Smart and sassy, but I wouldn’t use the word “disciplined” to describe Gruber.
Here’s the Thing. Not about tech at all, this is actor Alec Baldwin interviewing a wide range of other artists, mostly, with occasional other interesting people thrown in the mix. Whatever you think of Baldwin as an actor (or a dad), he’s a great interviewer.

I’m sure you all out there in newsletter land have lots more good podcast suggestions. Email me your favorites using the link below and we’ll run a list of best reader picks next week.

Aaron Pressman


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