And Facebook has even bigger plans to keep growing.

By Reuters
Updated: June 27, 2017 1:56 PM ET
June 27, 2017

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that the social network had 2 billion monthly users.

The company had 1.94 billion people using its service monthly as of March 31, an increase of 17% from a year earlier.

The social network’s user base dwarfs that of similar companies. Twitter twtr reported in April monthly active users of 328 million, while Snap Inc’s Snapchat snap had 166 million daily users in the first quarter ended March 31.

Facebook fb is looking to grow its massive user base, especially in developing nations where the service currently has smaller penetration rates.

The company has been building up its services by increasing focus on livestreaming and has been ramping up its camera features.

Facebook has also been developing technology known as augmented reality, a mix of the real and digital worlds.


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