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Best Workplaces in Healthcare 2017- WestMed
Courtesy of WESTMED Medical Group

The 30 Best Workplaces in Health Care

Apr 12, 2017

The health care industry is rapidly changing as technology advances, regulations shift, and payment structures change. But the chance to help patients and save lives is still at the core of why employees want to work at these hospitals, research centers, and service providers. Here, along with Fortune partner Great Place to Work, we've ranked the 30 health care organizations people love working for the most—based on thousands of surveys of employees in all ranks, from the cleaning crew to the CEO.

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Texas Health Gives, Heart Walk 2013, Fort Worth Texas
Aggie Brooks

Texas Health Resources

Employees say:

“The people here all work toward a common goal and help each other get there. I enjoy coming to work every day. I consider it an honor to work with some of the people at this institution. They all seem to have the best at heart for their patients, staff, and each other.”

“Texas Health Resources truly lives its mission—it is not something that's just posted on a wall or on paper. Our success has come from teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and always doing the right thing even when it is the hardest option. I am very proud to be an employee here.”

Number of Employees: 18,815
Headquarters: Arlington, Texas
Number of Locations: 250
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Encompass Home Health and Hospice

Encompass Home Health and Hospice

Employees say:

“Our mission is making the world a better place. I choose to work for Encompass because why wouldn't I want to work for the best? There is not a company in healthcare that believes in the power of 'we' and not 'me' more than Encompass. Our mission of a 'Better Way to Care' is truly one that I am able to connect with, fulfill, and use as fuel to add value to all elements of my life, not just at work.”

“Encompass truly has an energetic work environment with a goal-oriented culture and I believe everyone here strives to grow individually, but most importantly as a team.”

Number of Employees: 8,232
Headquarters: Dallas
Number of Locations: 230
Industry: Health services

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Courtesy of Baptist Health South Florida

Baptist Health South Florida

Employees say:

“When I first started in this organization I was very apprehensive not only because of the size of the location, but also the number of people who worked there. I feared that I would just be considered another body or a number, however that was not the case. I can honestly say that my coworkers became my second family. I wake up excited to start my day at work, and I have a family that is there to support me, encourage me, and challenge me to be better and do better.”

“Baptist Health is the most caring and compassionate organization I have worked for in my career. Employees truly care about each other on a personal level. The senior leaders model this behavior in many ways. This sense of belonging makes employees stay and go the extra mile for this organization. The executives are long-term employees themselves.”

Number of Employees: 15,073
Headquarters: Coral Gables, Fla.
Number of Locations: 78
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Miami Children's Health System

Miami Children's Health System

Employees say:

“There is a feeling and culture of excellence and innovation that permeates throughout the organization. People are not only expected to be efficient, creative, and hardworking—they want to be those things. People want to improve processes and challenge the status quo. People want us to be the best at what we do. And the most important thing I've observed is that people love what they do here.”

“There is a tremendous sense of teamwork and collaboration here. I've been so impressed by the lack of competitiveness between coworkers, and how willing everyone is to go out of their way to help, especially when you're new. Since starting here, I also get the sense, especially from management, that everyone wants to see me succeed in my role.”

Number of Employees: 3,785
Headquarters: Miami
Number of Locations: 19
Industry: Hospital, Specialty, Services

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Courtesy of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Employees say:

“The most unique and special thing about this company is that it’s a children's hospital. Our most precious and engaging resource is the children. Where else do you get to go to work to blow bubbles, make funny faces, sing, smile, get and give hugs, and get paid to do it? Of course there are the days when you have to wipe tears, hold hands, and give a shoulder to lean on as well. But for the most part the smiles outweigh the tears every day.”

Number of Employees: 11,203
Headquarters: Memphis
Number of Locations: 123
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Employees say:

“In a place that most would assume is a sad and depressing place to work, I find it to be the complete opposite. It's full of hope and inspiration. I tell people all the time where I work, and the first response I usually get is 'I couldn't do that because it's so sad.' My usual response is that it isn't, and St. Jude makes every effort to prevent it from being that way for their employees.”

“Working at St. Jude has been the greatest experience of my career. I joined St. Jude right after college and I love every minute working for such a life-changing organization. I am able to learn new things every day at work, whether it is from my colleagues or from my research. There is an aura surrounding the hospital where everyone wants to do their best so that we can help find cures.”

Number of Employees: 4,180
Headquarters: Memphis
Number of Locations: 1
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy ofo Horizon Pharma plc

Horizon Pharma

Employees say:

“The management team has taken great pride in hiring the best people for Horizon Pharma and this has fostered a unique, high-performing, and very rewarding working environment. I feel I was sought out for my talents and valued for my work. The management team consistently recognizes the talents and efforts of everyone that works at Horizon. The culture is truly different and the management team works hard to continue to stand out from other companies to make Horizon the best of the best.”

“The training tools and education they provide is excellent. At every training I have attended I walk out feeling like a million bucks and that I could accomplish anything.”

Number of Employees: 892
Headquarters: Lake Forest, Ill.
Number of Locations: 3
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

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John Halpern

Atlantic Health System

Employees say:

“People feel very connected to their coworkers and there is definitely a sense that we are in this together.”

“The organization truly makes an effort to acknowledge a job well done on an individual, departmental, and organizational level. I feel that I am appreciated for the day-to-day effort I put into my role.”

Number of Employees: 11,926
Headquarters: Morristown, N.J.
Number of Locations: 18
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Scripps Health

Scripps Health

Employees say:

“For such a large organization, there truly is a family feeling and loyalty here. The staff is committed, engaged, and takes action on issues that need to be addressed.”

“Scripps has so much to offer its employees besides an excellent pay and benefits package. It is a very positive work environment and everyone makes sure that you succeed at your job. You are always part of the Scripps team no matter your position or department. Scripps really strives to make it a great place to work and that is why I believe Scripps has so many long-term employees.”

Headquarters: San Diego
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Employees say:

“When ideas are brought to management or marketing, those ideas don't just sit on a shelf. They come to fruition and are brought to life. This company truly values its employees and their ideas.”

“Novo Nordisk is not just another pharma company. From senior leadership to frontline sales employees, we all care deeply for the patients who use our products every day. This company is consistently seeking innovation to solve unique business problems. I am very proud to work here and grow professionally.”

Number of Employees: 5,237
Headquarters: Plainsboro, N.J.
Number of Locations: 6

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Courtesy of Adeptus Health

Adeptus Health

Employees say:

“I have worked in healthcare for over 30 years and this is by far the best place I have ever worked. They value their employees. They communicate and train employees on new processes. Coworkers treat each other as family. It is an awesome environment to work in.”

“This is a great place to work because everyone enjoys their job. They are happy to be a part of the team. I have never seen anyone working here in a bad mood. We care about each other and are all willing to help others in need. We are a family—it's our home away from home.”

Number of Employees: 1,879
Headquarters: Lewisville, Texas
Number of Locations: 94
Industry: Health services

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Courtesy of Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics

Employees say:

“The people that work at Roche Diagnostics are authentic, diligent in their work, kind-hearted, courageous, intelligent, sincere, purposeful, inspiring, and admirable. The people here make Roche Diagnostics an exceptional place to work. A mentor of mine at Roche once said to me, 'Who has it better than us?'  It was a bit of a rhetorical question, but one that got me thinking. The answer? No one, and I could not handpick a better group of people to work with.”

“When the governor of Indiana signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which legalized the discrimination against LGBT citizens of the state of Indiana, our CEO Jack Phillips sent a communication to all employees in the state indicating the company's objection to the law and laying out the actions that had been taken to lobby against it. For me, a gay employee, it was comforting to know that my company stood with me in the protection of my rights, even if the politicians of the state in which we are located did not. This indicated to me the degree to which our company values diversity and inclusion. It knows that the personal experiences of our employees makes a difference to our business.”

Number of Employees: 4,594
Headquarters: Indianapolis
Number of Locations: 1
Industry: Biotechnology

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Courtesy of Baycare Health System

BayCare Health System

Employees say:

“BayCare is growing rapidly and wants employees to be a part of that growth. They encourage team members to grow as individuals and as professionals. I feel that my contributions are recognized and our successes are celebrated.”

“The people here absolutely love their jobs. There are smiles in the hallways from strangers. People stop to offer someone help if they look lost. We have a family atmosphere in our units that makes even the most hectic days bearable and enjoyable.”

Number of Employees: 25,314
Headquarters: Clearwater, Fla.
Number of Locations: 193
Industry: Hospital

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Yale-New Haven Hospital

Employees say:

“Everyone is approachable, regardless of his or her status in the organization. We're all focused on the mission of providing exceptional patient care. It seems everyone understands the importance of what we do and works hard to create a supportive environment—one that helps to sustain drive and focus, especially during events or episodes of high levels of stress.”

“I personally love the way it feels to work for an organization that has such a great vision, mission, and values statement. I do my best each day to do the right thing, putting patients and families first, and most of all valuing all people. I truly feel people are our greatest assets, and I love working with the incredible mentors that have helped me to be a better person while I've worked here at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The ability to share victories with team members of a project feels amazing.”

Number of Employees: 10,899
Headquarters: New Haven, Conn.
Number of Locations: 161
Industry: Hospital

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John Blais

Acorda Therapeutics

Employees say:

“Working at this company really makes one feel that they have a true sense of purpose. This is a biopharmaceutical company that is very patient-focused. For example, there are a number of opportunities to meet the patients we treat (such as volunteering at events and having patients speak at the company). I think that doing this helps put into perspective everything that we do.”

“The most unique thing about our company is that most people here look forward to coming to work each and every day. The workplace is safe, friendly, and has an inviting atmosphere that rewards people for their work performance. There is a high bar of integrity from the CEO down throughout the entire organization. Teamwork and a sense of communal responsibility are the hallmarks of our company. We always feel challenged to reach higher and higher in all healthy ways to accomplish our goals and we are rewarded accordingly.”

Number of Employees: 546
Headquarters: Ardsley, N.Y.
Number of Locations: 3
Industry: Biotechnology

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Courtesy of Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott & White Health

Employees say:

“The leadership of this company is unique. From upper management to administrators, managers, supervisors, and employees, all of us share the same vision and mission which will in time help make the world a better place.”

“There are no separations or barriers between any of the employees, regardless of title, background, or education. I can have a fulfilling, sincere conversation with housekeeping, nurses, my manager, even my chief nursing officer. Our chief nursing officer took the time to come to our unit and converse with us individually, which made me feel valued, respected, and appreciated.”

Number of Employees: 39,504
Headquarters: Dallas
Number of Locations: 1,020
Industry: Hospital

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Neil Lantzy/The Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Employees say:

“The Cleveland Clinic is a unique place to work. There are so many opportunities available to advance on both a professional and personal level. The sky is truly the limit.”

“I witness human kindness on a daily basis, not only from caregiver to client, but also from colleague to colleague, and client back to caregiver.”

Number of Employees: 40,948
Headquarters: Cleveland
Number of Locations: 143
Industry: Hospital

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Richard Lim Photography

Great Lakes Caring

Employees say:

“Working in the medical field, we come under stress levels that the normal person does not have to face on a daily basis. What I love most about my company, as well as my department, is that we use this stress to become better and to find new and effective ways to improve a process or create a new process to remedy a newly-identified problem. I stay because no matter what is thrown at us, we will make sure that the patient and their caregivers are taken care of. I stay because we are truly committed to the patient.”

“Our culture makes this a great place to work. We are polite to each other, respectful to management, and genuinely happy for one another. I often hear a lot of laughter, thank yous, and 'I'm happy for you.' The norms in our workplace are positive, and forward-thinking leadership and employees drive better outcomes.”

Number of Employees: 1,838
Headquarters: Jackson, Mich.
Number of Locations: 23
Industry: Health services

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Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Employees say:

“Whether or not we work directly with patients, we get to make a difference in the life of a child every single day.  That's a wonderful feeling. As a parent to two small children who have both been patients at one of our hospitals, it's gratifying to know that I'm having a positive impact on kids even if I'm not in a hands-on role with direct patient care.”

“Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is a great place to work. I feel at home here which means a lot! My co-workers are friendly and responsible and management cares about us all. The patients we have here are the icing on the cake.”

Number of Employees: 8,664
Headquarters: Atlanta
Number of Locations: 67
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of the American Heart Association

American Heart Association

Employees say:

“The mission of our organization is changing the health of our community. We have incredible, dedicated employees who care deeply about making changes in the world.”

“The mission of the organization is front and center in every facet of what we do. The strong focus on the mission is what drives the team and makes me feel that what I am doing each day is making a difference for people. I am proud of the work I do.”

Number of Employees: 3,554
Headquarters: Dallas
Number of Locations: 157
Industry: Health services

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Robin Oatts/OhioHealth


Employees say:

“OhioHealth is extremely innovative in its approach to health care and meeting the needs of the community. I am very proud to be a part of this organization which is always on the cutting edge of technology and of the best ways to reach our patients and meet their health care needs. I am confident that our organization will be here for many more years to come as it looks at care from all sides.”

“OhioHealth is very employee-oriented. It is focused on employee satisfaction and on staff retention. It focuses on continuous improvements with both staff and patients, and is always striving to do more. As an employee, I feel valued and like I am more than just a number here.”

Number of Employees: 21,889
Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
Number of Locations: 169
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Employees say:

“I think Mayo Clinic's long history of providing the best medical care and treatment for patients is legendary, and we constantly try to improve upon what we do and how we do it. We are often told that we all make Mayo Clinic the success that it is, no matter what position we hold here. That is a great feeling, especially when you are working a position that is behind-the-scenes. I do feel that Mayo Clinic strives to make both its employees and patients feel great about being here.”

“At our institution, there is a culture of compassion and caring that has been developed over the past century and a half that makes it so very unique. Every day we come to work ready to provide the best possible care and service to our patients and guests, but we also come with a desire to elevate our colleagues and ensure that we are successful as a team. We all have a recognition that no one is greater than the sum of our parts. We continually collaborate, support each other, share the values of our institution, and work for the greater good. The combination not only creates a positive work environment, but results in the best possible outcomes for all.”

Number of Employees: 63,480
Headquarters: Rochester, Minn.
Number of Locations: 7
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network

Employees say:

“It is a large company with a large mission, but it still has a small company culture and feel to it. We do big work with big importance, but we don't lose the personal touches.”

“The atmosphere within our organization is one of prayer, humility, partnership, and service. I think that is what makes Kettering Health Network a great place to work!”

Number of Employees: 10,159
Headquarters: Miamisburg, Ohio
Number of Locations: 162
Industry: Hospital

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Courtesy of Professional Physical Therapy

Professional Physical Therapy

Employees say:

“One unique aspect of this business is that hard work and talent are promoted and recognized. If you consistently do your best, put your best foot forward, and try your hardest, rewards and recognition will come your way.”

“The family atmosphere is very special here. I've only been working here for a few months and I already feel like I've known everyone for years.”

Number of Employees: 1,296
Headquarters: Uniondale, N.Y.
Number of Locations: 88
Industry: Specialty

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Nick Fancher

Quantum Health

Employees say:

“There is a sense of caring not just for the members we serve, but for the employees as well. Simple things like bringing in a pizza when scheduling a meeting over lunch rather than expecting attendees to bring their own lunch. It isn't a huge or grand gesture, but one that shows the company acknowledges it is imposing on the employee and wants to minimize the imposition.”

“I have worked at many places and this company truly cares about developing its staff and invests in training, succession management, and promoting from within. It also works very hard to maintain the culture and dedicates tremendous resources to making this an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.”

Number of Employees: 577
Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
Number of Locations: 1
Industry: Health services

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Courtesy of Astellas


Employees say:

“Astellas is a very culturally unique company. The philosophy is to give the employees what they need and want. If there is something, like a process, that an employee feels could be better, they are given the autonomy to change it and make a difference. We are an ever-changing industry and Astellas gives us the ability to adapt and change with it. It is very refreshing!”

“As a sales professional in pharma, there is always a ton of emphasis on compliance. I always feel that Astellas wants me to be ethical above all else. There is a joy that comes with always striving to do what is right and you get that when you work here.”

Number of Employees: 2,589
Headquarters: Northbrook, Ill.
Number of Locations: 4
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

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Courtesy of WESTMED Medical Group

WESTMED Medical Group

Employees say:

“WestMed offers all of its employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas to help build a better health care team. It allows for growth throughout the organization. I have never felt so needed and appreciated in an organization as I do working here at WestMed.”

“Coming from a job where I was overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated, just coming here and receiving a 'thank you' or a 'you're doing a great job' from coworkers or bosses is something that has been a complete and total shock. I feel very comfortable here and am able to ask questions that will be answered in a friendly manner. That should not be a unique or unusual experience, but it is, especially working in a customer and patient service job. There is a sense of family and belonging here that definitely makes this place fun and welcoming.”

Number of Employees: 1,186
Headquarters: Purchase, N.Y.
Number of Locations: 14
Industry: Specialty

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Approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mark a truly special time at Genentech. Bell ringing events celebrate bringing medicines to patients and acknowledge the many employees who worked tirelessly to make them happen. In the past year, we have celebrated four approvals by the FDA — a record in our history.
Courtesy of Genentech


Employees say:

“There is a genuine level of care we have for our fellow employees. I am impressed by just how much people are interested in each other doing well in their job and all aspects of life. It truly is a family-like work environment. This leads to great collaborative work, which helps everyone accomplish very difficult things.”

“We have the opportunity to work for a company that is making a difference in the lives of patients everyday. We are literally trying to cure cancer. It motivates you to do your best every day.”

Number of Employees: 14,815
Headquarters: South San Francisco, Calif.
Number of Locations: 12
Industry: Biotechnology

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Courtesy of Benco Dental

Benco Dental

Employees say:

“It's a third generation family-owned business. As soon as you start with Benco you are immediately welcomed and quickly feel like you are part of the family. They truly care about people and doing the right thing. It's not just about top-line or bottom-line growth. It's about building a sustainable business with great people.”

“I love working for a family-owned company that cares about its people. Management, including the owners of the company, are accessible via email and phone. How many company presidents will respond to an email within minutes and answer or return a phone call from a front line associate? Ours does!”

Number of Employees: 1,357
Headquarters: Pittston, Pa.
Number of Locations: 65
Industry: Medical sales/distribution

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Bella Wang Photography

Axcella Health

Employees say:

“Bob Connelly, our CEO, sets the tone for culture in the entire organization and pays very close attention to the company vibe. Axcella Health being a great place to work is a top priority for him and it constantly shows, most importantly during difficult times when he is openly very active in keeping the company's attitude up. He created communication lines to hear about important contributions from employees at all levels and takes time in every company meeting to give a shout out to everyone.”

“The list of things that make this company special could wrap around the circumference of the earth. We are a company that has the most amazing people. All of my colleagues are some of the most interesting and wonderful people I have ever known. We are a company with the most inspiring goals—to rethink the approach to curing disease in a way that is broadly applicable, multidisciplinary, and closer and closer to successful implementation every day. But what might be truly unique is the general atmosphere and attitude. We are a family that learns, struggles, and celebrates together to try and achieve something nobody has before.”

Number of Employees: 54
Headquarters: Cambridge, Mass.
Number of Locations: 1
Industry: Biotechnology

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