By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
March 8, 2017

Good morning.

President Trump will meet with another group of business leaders today to discuss his plans for investing in U.S. infrastructure. The meeting will include people from real estate, consulting and private equity, and likely shed some light on how he plans to use public-private partnerships to fund $1 billion in new infrastructure spending.

The prospect for new infrastructure spending is one of the things that has been lifting spirits in the stock market. But like the tax bill, the infrastructure effort will have to wait until Congress deals with health care. That one is not going to be easy, as the president and congressional leaders face not only unified Democratic opposition, but also a rebellion among a few Republicans. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he is confident he can get enough votes to move the bill through the House. But in the Senate, it is under heavy fire from a handful of conservatives, among them Senator Rand Paul, who has tagged it “Obamacare lite.” President Trump responded on Twitter, saying he was sure Senator Paul will “come along with the new and great healthcare program because he knows Obamacare is a disaster!”

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Alan Murray


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