By Feliz Solomon
February 10, 2017

It hasn’t been a good start to the year for Ivanka Trump’s online merchandise, according to a market research firm called Slice Intelligence, which found that Nordstrom (jwn) isn’t the only retailer seeing a decline in sales of her apparel and accessories line.

CNBC reports that receipts analyzed by Slice show that most Ivanka Trump goods are sold on Amazon (amzn), mainly through third-party sites. Bloomingdales, Macy’s (m), Nordstrom and Zappos are the next in line as the top sellers of her online goods.

The research firm reports a decline in the sale of Ivanka Trump goods beginning shortly after the November election, continuing into January of this year, when online sales dropped by 26%, according to CNBC.

Sales of Ivanka Trump merchandise on fell 63% in the fourth quarter, ultimately leading the retailer to suspend orders of the clothing line. Her other major online outlets appear to also be seeing a major dip in purchases; Zappos’ sales fell 43% while Amazon saw a 31% decline.

Ivanka Trump brand products fared better on, CNBC reports, where online sales grew by about 30% , and on, up around 9%. Both however, represented a slower growth rate than in the early half of last year.

According to CNBC, the analysis by Slice Intelligence was sourced from an online panel of 4.4 million Internet shoppers.


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