By Mahita Gajanan
December 5, 2016

Christmas tree prices in New York City have reached a staggering high of $1,000, amid hiked up tree prices this year due to drought-caused tree shortages.

Heather Neville, who sells Christmas trees in New York’s Greenwich Village, told the New York Post on Sunday that her tallest tree costs about $77 per foot. Neville said the particular tree is priced so high because they are “harder to get.”

“This 13-foot-tree—a beautiful fir—is $750, and with delivery, installation with a stand and tip would be $1,000,” she said.

Thus far, the most expensive tree Neville has sold is a 13-foot Nordmann fir for $500. She said tree prices could top $1,000, pointing out a 15-foot one that could go for $1,200, including the delivery and set up.

The tree price alone far outstrips the average amount of money spent over the holiday season. Most consumers plan to spend an average of $935.58, according to the National Retail Federation.



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