Medical scrubs and a stethoscope hanging on a coat stand.
Photograph by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images
By Laura Lorenzetti
March 15, 2016

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, and finding ways to make taking care of everyday or acute care needs easier motivates many companies to offer on-site health care facilities. It’s just one of many factors that helped elevate these nine companies to Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Beyond enabling easier health care access for their employees, studies have found that on-site health care clinics can also lower medical costs for companies, encourage better long-term employee health, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity, according to non-profit insurer The Alliance. On-site clinic capabilities vary by employer, and services range from last-minute appointments for a sinus infection to an annual physical by a primary care physician or even ongoing wellness options like a dietician or physical therapist.

The service is also catching on among employers. Twenty-nine percent of companies with 5,000 or more workers offered an on-site or nearby health clinic in 2014, up from 24% in 2012, according to a national workplace study by consulting firm Mercer. The survey also found that another 15% of large employers were weighing adding a clinic in the next two years.

More than 40 companies on Fortune‘s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For offer onsite health care centers, but many are only at their headquarters. Apart from the 11 hospital systems on our list, here are the nine companies that are currently offering this perk to employees at multiple locations.


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