Mars Pet Food unit, Mogi Mirim, Brazil. Sylos which receive the raw material for the the pet food.
Courtesy of MARS
By Fortune Editors
February 16, 2016

Oil and gas company Hilcorp tops our list of the best workplaces in manufacturing and production for the second year in a row — thanks to hefty $100,000 bonus payouts last December. To determine this year’s list, we asked our partners at Great Place to Work to survey thousands of employees in the broadly-defined sector that includes the manufacture of food, textiles, and electronics, in addition to oil and gas drilling and production. Rankings are based solely on employee feedback. Here’s what some of them had to say:

1. Hilcorp

Photograph by Judy Patrick

“This is a great place to work because all the people here give a damn. We all do our best and put our best foot forward to make things better for tomorrow. We all show up every day with our A game and do our best. This is unique to Hilcorp because these days it’s hard to find one individual to go the extra mile, here we have a whole company full of them. I am proud to be considered a Hilcorp employee.”

Headquarters Location: Houston, Texas
Numbers of locations: 18
U.S. Employees: 1,400
Global Employees: 1,400
Year Founded: 1989

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2. Tactical Electronics

Courtesy of Tactical Electronics

“This company’s owner is always making decisions based upon the well-being of the employees. We are treated fairly and with respect and are provided with a rewarding and fun atmosphere to work in every day. The work that we do is exciting and meaningful – and we have a blast working together as a team each day. I enjoy coming to work every day. We celebrate victories together and work through challenges that arise as a team that is united and collaborative. Decisions are made with the employee’s best interest in mind.”

Headquarters Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Numbers of locations: 4
U.S. Employees: 67
Global Employees: 68
Year Founded: 1999

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3. Arthrex

Courtesy of Arthrex

“Here at Arthrex, I feel that each year gets better than the previous one, which is no easy task as I can say for the last 19 years … I feel healthier, physically and mentally, by being challenged to do the best job that I can. I feel stronger emotionally by working with co-worker friends that support me when needed. I feel that Arthrex has engaged a process to help people be better, healthier individuals that can achieve high levels of success when working as a team. I am a better person having shared this opportunity and look forward to working at Arthrex for another 19 years.”

Headquarters Location: Naples, Fla.
Numbers of locations: 13
U.S. Employees: 2,246
Global Employees: 3,192
Year Founded: 1984

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4. Stryker

Courtesy of Stryker

“I think that the people that work at Stryker are a unique brand. We don’t just make a medical device. We truly care about making that device the best that it can be for the person that will use that device. I do believe that what we do every day makes a difference in the lives of the healthcare providers and patients that use our devices. And…we are a team. When push comes to shove, this group will come together to make it happen, meet the deadline, make sure that quality is built into our products every day. Right down to the last person on the production line, Stryker people make it happen, and I am really proud of that! That’s a great reason to come to work every day!”

Headquarters Location: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Numbers of locations: 172
U.S. Employees: 12,579
Global Employees: 22,992
Year Founded: 1941

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5. Field Fastener

Photograph by C. Tyson

“Field is more than a business focused on generating revenue. The company and its team members embrace being called to a higher purpose and take hold of opportunities to impact the lives of people and improve people’s futures both within the Field Family and throughout the community. A high value is placed on each individual team member and the desire to build strong, lasting relationships permeates throughout the Field team; whether those relationships are with our customers, our suppliers, our community, or our team members. I am proud to be a part of this family. I have worked at many places over the years and none come close to comparing with Field.”

Headquarters Location: Machesney Park, Illinois
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 78
Global Employees: 78
Year Founded: 1976

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6. W.L. Gore & Associates

Courtesy of W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.

“I believe that the uniqueness of this company is that the majority of its associates share a common bond of wanting to build relationships with one another and from that we all can accomplish more. There is a personal pride and commitment in wanting a business, project and individual to succeed when you are personally vested with those associates. With that support structure, it allows associates to be more creative and more productive.”

Headquarters Location: Newark, Delaware
Numbers of locations: 38
U.S. Employees: 6,579
Global Employees: 10,690
Year Founded: 1958

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7. JM Family Enterprises

Courtesy of JM Family Enterprises

“The operational word in our corporate name is FAMILY. I truly believe, at all levels, that the culture here is to make people feel that they are part of a bigger family, where people have a true and sincere desire to care about you as an individual and not just as a co-worker. This company truly takes care of its associates; our benefits are rich and in an era where others are cutting back, our company does everything it can to make people want to stay here. Examples are our 401K, profit sharing, pension plans, Health & Wellness Centers, cafeterias and gyms to name but a few.”

Headquarters Location: Deerfield Beach, Fla.
Numbers of locations: 26
U.S. Employees: 4,005
Global Employees: 4,048
Year Founded: 1968

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8. American Transmission

Courtesy of American Transmission Company

“One of the critical factors that makes American Transmission a great place to work is the passion that people—from the CEO to individual contributors — bring to their job every day. People here believe in the mission of the company and their role in accomplishing that mission.”

Headquarters Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Numbers of locations: 5
U.S. Employees: 635
Global Employees: 635
Year Founded: 2001

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9. MBX Systems

Courtesy of MBX Systems

“A lot of corporations talk about caring about their employees. MBX Systems actually does. My manager take a personal interest in helping me to achieve my potential within MBX and helps me in several ways to take initiative. Simple things like letting me switch up my lunch to leave early to run errands of make appointments. More complicated things showing concern for my personal situations and helping me with suggested, options, and strategies.”

Headquarters Location: Libertyville, Illinois
Numbers of locations: 2
U.S. Employees: 137
Global Employees: 137
Year Founded: 1995

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10. Graco

Photograph by Ariana Lindquist

“The challenge and variety of work makes it a very interesting place to work. I’ve continually seen new innovative ideas in design, manufacturing and management over the last six years and I expect that will continue. There is a vast knowledge base here and everyone is willing to share their knowledge and experience whenever needed.”

Headquarters Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Numbers of locations: 10
U.S. Employees: 2,212
Global Employees: 3,314
Year Founded: 1926

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11. QRC Technologies

Courtesy of QRC Technologies

“When I started working at QRC it was apparent that the people here feel valued and in turn have a genuine desire to do well for company and actually take some ownership of its performance. This observation was evidenced in QRC’s annual new product initiative where all employees, from receptionist to software engineer, submitted ideas for QRC’s next product. I was surprised to see such a high level of participation and such a broad scope of ideas that were considered.”

Headquarters Location: Fredericksburg, Va.
Numbers of locations: 2
U.S. Employees: 63
Global Employees: 63
Year Founded: 1987

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12. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Courtesy of Schweitzer Engineering Labs

“No matter what your job is you feel like what you do means something to the other employees, management and the surrounding community.”

Headquarters Location: Pullman, Washington
Numbers of locations: 48
U.S. Employees: 2,872
Global Employees: 3,838
Year Founded: 1982

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13. Samtec

Courtesy of Samtec Inc.

“A company that treats the associates with respect, trust, and understanding to the point of feeling like an owner in the company, as well as providing excellent pay, benefits, and a family environment is ingenious in my opinion. The result is a happy and harmonious working environment where the associates actually WANT to come to work, and actually WANT to do a good job. If other companies had this same type of mindset and provided the same things… the result could be a better world and less unemployment. Samtec sticks to their guns on issues of morality and common core values… and only hires people who fit into that window. If you employ honest people who want to work and make an honest living, then the problems that most employers face daily become almost a non-issue.”

Headquarters Location: New Albany, Indiana
Numbers of locations: 9
U.S. Employees: 1,294
Global Employees: 5,220
Year Founded: 1976

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14. MARS

Courtesy of MARS

“Mars prioritizes its associates above all other things in the business and you can feel that throughout the company. While other consumer packaged goods companies move their plants out of the US and also try to treat their labor force as another lever to pull, Mars acts differently. They have invested in plants in the US and they treat each associate fairly by giving holidays and vacation and good rotating shifts in a world where those things are dwindling.”

Headquarters Location: McLean, VA
Numbers of locations: 70
U.S. Employees: 12,568
Global Employees: 74,568
Year Founded: 1911

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15. Quadvest

Courtesy of Quadvest

“The owners of this company are so down to earth. They greet you in the morning with smiles. They are so nice. Our president of our company is literally the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

Headquarters Location: Magnolia, Texas
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 33
Global Employees: 33

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