Photograph by Andrew Bret Wallis—Getty Images

This App Splits The Bill Based On How Privileged You Are

Updated: Feb 12, 2016 11:40 PM UTC

Imagine the amount you paid for things was directly related to your gender, racial, and other social privileges.

That's the idea behind Equipay, an app created out of a hackathon put on by technology education company Cultivated Wit called Comedy HackDay.

The app provides "reparations one meal at a time," by allowing "you and your friends to split the cost of a meal in accordance with gender and racial income inequalities," according to Eater.

It works like this: Users select their gender and race, and then split a bill based on gender and racial income inequality in the U.S. White women, for example, make about 78% of what white men make, while black men make about 75% of what white men make, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thus, when splitting a bill via the app, women and other minorities would end up paying less than white men.

While it isn't a real app—yet—it's an excellent way of highlighting income inequality. Bravo to the team behind it!