By Heather Clancy
October 23, 2015

This week’s barrage of quarterly financial reports culminated after the stock market close last night with disclosures by three of the biggest names in tech: Alphabet (formerly known as Google), Amazon, and Microsoft.

While Google still doesn’t talk much about the growth of its cloud computing services (or any other discrete business for that matter), the other two companies are happy to do so. Maybe because the numbers look pretty good.

Exhibit A: Microsoft’s cloud division, which reflects sales for its Azure server and storage capacity on demand service, is now on an annual run rate of $8.2 billion. That’s double the previous year.

Technically speaking, you’ll notice that number is more than the $7.3 billion annual run rate that fierce rival Amazon Web Services hopes to reach shortly. But the two companies run on different fiscal calendars, which makes it tough to compare the projections directly. Microsoft just disclosed its first quarter results, while AWS just reported Q3. And based on its latest quarter, one in which AWS showed a $521 million profit, it looks like the cloud computer leader will surpass its full-year estimates. Expect more leapfrogging in the months to come.

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