USAirways Group Inc, President Stephen Wolf at his desk in his corporate office in Crystal City, VA
Photograph by Gerald Martineau — The Washington Post/Getty Images
By Christina Austin and Melissa Locker
October 17, 2015

US Airways’ took its last flight on Friday. Passengers on the final departure from San Francisco will cheer the storied airline with an onboard champagne toast. Launched in 1939 as a small Pennsylvania-based airmail company, it grew into a regional carrier, Allegheny Airlines. After years of mergers, it eventually became US Airways.

In 2012, US Airways bought American Airlines, and as of Saturday morning, US Airways signs will be gone, with American Airlines signage in its place.

But that’s not the only iconic brand to have disappeared.

Radio Shack also suffered a similar fate earlier this year, when it filed for bankruptcy. The electronics retailer, founded in 1921, had been struggling for years as electronics shopping moved online.

But these certainly aren’t the first legendary brands to have vanished from store signs and shelves. Remember Woolworth’s? Pan Am? Scroll through our list below to see which other brands we’ve lost.


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