Jason Robins
Photograph by Gretchen Ertl — The New York Times/Redux
By Ben Geier
October 6, 2015

If you’re getting sick of hearing about DraftKings every time you try to watch SportsCenter, things are getting a bit better. But just a bit.

ESPN announced today that it was pulling segments that were co-branded with DraftKings, a daily fantasy sports site that has come under scrutiny as it has become more and more popular.

This doesn’t mean you’re done hearing from DraftKings or its rival site FanDuel, though. ESPN will still play ads from daily fantasy sites on its properties, both digital and on television. (In some instances, it is currently running back-to-back ads for such companies.)

The news comes after a scandal this week in which accusations of “insider trading” were levied at the daily fantasy sites.

For more on DraftKings, read Fortune‘s profile of DraftKings CEO Jason Robins.


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