By Colleen Kane
July 14, 2015

As the ever-growing popularity of Comic-Con attests, kid stuff isn’t just for kids anymore, so it’s no surprise that summer camps for grownups are thriving. An estimated one million adults are attending camp each year, according to Tom Holland of the American Camp Association. “In a hectic world, camp offers an oasis for everyone of all ages,” Holland said. Of course, these camps are timed for long weekends for those workforce members who don’t have the whole summer off–and most of them allow and even provide adult beverages.

“Many adults are finding a camp vacation to be more rewarding than a week at a resort,” he said. “Camp experiences allow adults to spend their vacations building new relationships, learning new skills, or trying their hand at new activities that are both fun and rewarding.” There’s a getaway out there for every kind of 21-and-over camper, from oenophile to aspiring astronaut. If one of the following events is already sold out or if it’s too far away, fear not: in most of these categories, there are others like it in other places.


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