Photograph by Mike Pont — FilmMagic/Getty Images
By Benjamin Snyder
June 16, 2015

It’s official. Real estate mogul, television personality, and political gadfly Donald Trump announced that he is running for president on Tuesday.

Trump, who debuted as the host of NBC’s The Apprentice in 2004, has used the televised business competition to make certain that he is in the public eye. Since the show was launched, seven contestants have successfully won a spot as Trump’s apprentice for a year, which comes with a $250,000 payday. The Apprentice was renewed for its 15th season in February.

Fortune caught up with nearly all seven of the winners of the original program (it switched over to a celebrity-only program after season six) and quizzed them about Trump’s leadership and management style. Here’s what some of his former apprentices have been up to during the last few years and what they learned from Trump.


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