By Daniel Bukszpan
June 3, 2015

George Clooney’s $190 million science fiction film, “Tomorrowland,” opened on Memorial Day weekend with high expectations to fulfill. Its $43 million domestic box office take made it the highest-grossing movie of the weekend, but after the following weekend, its total haul stood at $63 million.

Walt Disney Studios concluded that the movie had underperformed, but didn’t stop there. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio also responded by reassessing its upcoming slate of live-action properties, and cancelled plans for a third “Tron” movie.

This may seem like an unnecessarily harsh response, but it’s not uncommon. Audience response to one movie can mean life or death for another one, so if one underperforms, a planned sequel or even a completely unrelated project might not get made.

Here’s a look at a few movies whose box office performance or critical reception took others down with them. All data is from Box Office Mojo unless otherwise noted.



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