President Barack Obama
Photograph by Larry Downing — Getty Images
By Ben Geier
February 27, 2015

With millions of books sold and the lecture circuit surely awaiting him after he leaves office, President Barack Obama likely isn’t wanting for cash. If he needs a few hundred bucks quickly, though, it turns out Comcast owes him.

Comcast owes Obama $312.46, according to a semi-annual list of people owed money by companies posted Friday by the Massachusetts state treasurer’s office, the Boston Globe reports. Massachusetts lay says businesses must relinquish any remaining balance if a customer leaves an account untouched for three years.

Other celebrities are owed money too: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is entitled to a $265.62 American Express gift card, while Snoop Dogg is owed $5,859.04 by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

It doesn’t look like Obama will be cashing his Comcast check any time soon, though. “Presuming this is legitimate, the President will not be claiming it,” a White House official told the Globe.


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