Photograph by Dean Hutton — Bloomberg/Getty Images
By Ben Geier
September 25, 2014

Our favorite Hollywood directors will soon have a new tool at their disposal for getting those sweeping overhead shots we love so much.

According to reports, today the Federal Aviation Administration is planning on announcing approval for film production companies to use drones on closed sets, in response to seven recent requests for such permission. The Washington Post notes that these drones could replace helicopters and planes — which are much more expensive than drones — on film sets.

Both newsmedia groups and the Motion Picture Association of America have submitted letters in support of allowing filmmakers to use drones.

The drones would not be flown over populated areas, only on closed sets. The Post notes that the applications specify that the drones would weigh less than 55 pounds, fly no faster than 57 mph and go no higher than 400 feet.

German logistics company DHL said Wednesday it is testing drones to deliver goods — the first time a drone has been authorized to transport goods in Europe.

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