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How tech companies compare in employee diversity

Aug 29, 2014

Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple and Facebook may be innovative, but they sure aren't when it comes to making their workplaces diverse.

Criticized for their hiring practices, tech companies started publishing employee demographic data over the past few months. It only confirmed what many people had suspected: White and Asian men dominate. Everyone else - women, blacks and Hispanics - are severely lacking.

In many cases, the companies issued a sort of apology in tandem with their diversity reports. "As CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page," Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a blog post online. “Put simply, Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity," Laszlo Bock, Google's senior vice president of people operations, said.

At least 14 tech companies have released data. In an effort to provide further clarity, Fortune has ranked them in individual categories and then again overall, using a point system. Here's how they compare:

Gender diversity (overall)

gender-overall Analee Kasudia/Fortune 

From most diverse to least: Pandora (51% male, 49% female), Indiegogo (55% male, 45% female), eBay (58% male, 42% female), Pinterest (60% male, 40% female), LinkedIn (61% male, 39% female), Yahoo (62% male, 37% female), Hewlett-Packard (67% male, 33% female), Apple (70% male, 30% female), Facebook (69% male, 31% female), Google (70% male, 30% female), Twitter (70% male, 30% female), Microsoft (72% male, 28% female), Cisco (77% male, 23% female), Intel (77% male, 23% female).

Gender diversity (leadership only)

gender-leadership Analee Kasudia/Fortune 

From most diverse to least: Indiegogo (57% male, 43% female), Apple (72% male, 28% female), eBay (72% male, 28% female), Hewlett-Packard (72% male, 28% female), LinkedIn (75% male, 25% female), Facebook (77% male, 23% female), Yahoo (77% male, 23% female), Google (79% male, 21% female), Intel (79% male, 21% female), Twitter (79% male, 21% female), Pinterest (81% male, 19% female), Cisco (81% male, 19% female).

Gender diversity (technical workers only)

From most diverse to least: Indiegogo (67% male, 33% female), eBay (76% male, 24% female), Pinterest (79% male, 21% female), Apple (80% male, 20% female), Pandora (82.1% male, 17.9% female), LinkedIn (83% male, 17% female), Google (83% male, 17% female), Yahoo (85% male, 15% female, 1% other/undisclosed), Facebook (85% male, 15% female), Twitter (90% male, 10% female).

Data for Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel were unavailable.

Ethnic diversity (overall)


From most diverse to least: Apple, LinkedIn, Intel, Google, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Cisco, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Pandora, Indiegogo.

Ethnic diversity (leadership only)

ethnic-leadership Analee Kasudia/Fortune 

From most diverse to least: Apple, LinkedIn, Intel, Google, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Cisco, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Pandora, Indiegogo.

Overall rankings

To calculate how the 14 tech companies fared overall, Fortune assigned points based on how they ranked in five categories: Overall gender diversity, overall ethnic diversity, gender diversity of the leadership team, ethnic diversity of the leadership team and gender diversity among technical workers. Companies that failed to report data in a particular category were given last place points for that category. Here's how they stacked up, at least by Fortune's measure:

1. LinkedIn
2. Apple
3. eBay
4. Indiegogo & Yahoo (tied)
6. Pinterest
7. Pandora
8. Facebook
9. Intel & Google (tied)
11. Twitter
12. Cisco
13. Hewlett-Packard
14. Microsoft

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