Best Companies to Work For in the 500

Updated: Jun 06, 2014 3:02 PM UTC | Originally published: Jun 02, 2014

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Fortune 500 rank: 125
Best Companies rank: 58
What makes it so great?
Aflac offers grants toward closing costs for employees who are first-time homebuyers below a certain income level and participate in financial counseling.

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American Express

Fortune 500 rank: 67
Best Companies rank: 90
What makes it so great?
AmEx uses social media to recruit job candidates. More than 100 videos on YouTube feature employees candidly describing what they do.

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Capital One Financial

Fortune 500 rank: 124
Best Companies rank: 85
What makes it so great?
The bank's university offers 2,084 instructor-led courses and 1,668 virtual classroom sessions.

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Fortune 500 rank: 240
Best Companies rank: 54
What makes it so great?
The largest used-car retail chain in the U.S. has a "time away" policy that allows associates to take off as much time as they need, without a quota.

Courtesy: Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy

Fortune 500 rank: 163
Best Companies rank: 51
What makes it so great?
The landscaped headquarters of the natural-gas producer is designed to look like a college campus and includes a large child-care center.

Courtesy: Cisco

Cisco Systems

Fortune 500 rank: 55
Best Companies rank: 55
What makes it so great?
Employees stay fit inside a 118,000-square-foot, gold-level LEED-certified health center and can drop off kids at two onsite care centers.

Darden Restaurants

Fortune 500 rank: 319
Best Companies rank: 74
What makes it so great?
More than half of the restaurant group's employees donate to a program that provides relief to employees facing emergencies.

Courtesy of Devon Energy

Devon Energy

Fortune 500 rank: 270
Best Companies rank: 56
What makes it so great?
Last year the oil and gas driller opened the Doc, a new medical clinic in its 50-story headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City.

Discovery Communications

Fortune 500 rank: 460
Best Companies rank: 79
What makes it so great?
The nonfiction media giant (Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet) offers onsite medical clinics and fitness programs.

EOG Resources

Fortune 500 rank: 203
Best Companies rank: 97
What makes it so great?
The oil company's generous matching plan for charitable donations is dollar for dollar up to $75,000.

General Mills

Fortune 500 rank: 159
Best Companies rank: 64
What makes it so great?
The cereal maker took a stand in 2012 to oppose an amendment that would have barred same-sex marriages in Minnesota.

Goldman Sachs

Fortune 500 rank: 74
Best Companies rank: 45
What makes it so great?
Staff won for the fastest corporate team in the annual race up the steps of the Empire State Building.

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Fortune 500 rank: 46
Best Companies rank: 1
What makes it so great?
Google’s stock climbed past $1,000 in 2013—a boon for Googlers, all of whom are stockholders. CEO Larry Page urged them to be "audacious," especially in philanthropy. Google donates $50 for every five hours an employee volunteers. Last year a new program sent employees to Ghana and India to work on community projects.


Fortune 500 rank: 53
Best Companies rank: 84
What makes it so great?
Six Embraer passenger jets ferry 4,500 employees a week between locations in Arizona, California, and Oregon.

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Marriott International

Fortune 500 rank: 219
Best Companies rank: 57
What makes it so great?
The global hotel chain with 19 brands prides itself on mobility, with more than 50% of managers having started as hourly associates.

Courtesy: Microsoft


Fortune 500 rank: 34
Best Companies rank: 86
What makes it so great?
The software giant covers 100% of health insurance premiums for employees and all their dependents.


Fortune 500 rank: 411
Best Companies rank: 33
What makes it so great?
Employees at this data-management and -protection company enjoy five paid days off a year to volunteer within their community.


Fortune 500 rank: 224
Best Companies rank: 89
What makes it so great?
Sales clerks are paid by commission, with average pay of $41,000, while managers average $57,000.

Courtesy: Publix

Publix Super Markets

Fortune 500 rank: 104
Best Companies rank: 75
What makes it so great?
CEO Ed Crenshaw on being 100% employee-owned: "Having skin in the game is the bedrock of our company's success."

Courtesy: Qualcomm


Fortune 500 rank: 120
Best Companies rank: 32
What makes it so great?
The mobile-technology supplier is an award-happy place: $1,500 bonuses for filing a new patent went to 1,794 employees last year.


Fortune 500 rank: 306
Best Companies rank: 42
What makes it so great?
The medical device maker provides opportunities for employees to see products in action by observing surgeries.

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Whole Foods Market

Fortune 500 rank: 218
Best Companies rank: 44
What makes it so great?
Team members are permitted to explore hundreds of promotional opportunities and new jobs that open every year.