By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
March 5, 2014

FORTUNE — Of all the demo videos of Apple’s (AAPL) new CarPlay system — and there are several here and here, letting you see how carefully scripted these presentations are — the one I’ve attached is my favorite.

I’m not crazy about reporters who feel obliged to say “okay” every time an interviewee complete a thought, but I liked that the correspondent from Mac4Ever, identified only as Laura, asked the question I would have asked.

For five minutes, “Ed from Apple” had been running through CarPlay’s features by touching buttons and icons and sliders on the car’s built-in screen. He even touched the screen to let Siri know he wanted to issue some voice commands. I was expecting something a little more hands-free.

Finally, Laura interrupts him:

Q: Right now, if I want to ask something to Siri, is there a button I’m supposed to…
A: There are several ways. You can do a long press [on the screen] or you can do a long press on the steering wheel. [He demonstrates.] “Find a sushi restaurant.” You see, it automatically brings you into the maps context…
Q: Okay. Awesome. So you never have to, like, take off your eyes from the road.

Well, not exactly. But that’s the message Ed from Apple has been trying to get across, without actually overstating the case. So much better if the reporter does it for you.

LINK: Volvo, Mercedes, and Ferrari demo Apple’s CarPlay in Geneva

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