By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 19, 2011

But phone and tablet sales are weaker, and 32% brought a TV to school, down from 73%

A relatively small survey from Hudson Square Research — 158 students in eight U.S. colleges and universities interviewed over the past three weeks — nonetheless yielded some striking results. According to a note to clients issued Monday by Hudson Square’s Daniel Ernst:

  • 69% of returning students said they spent less than last year on technology and media, although PC sales were up slightly
  • Apple’s (AAPL) share of computer purchases within the last three months spiked to 60%, up from 38% last year
  • 32% of students brought a TV to school, down from 73% last year
  • Online sites comprised 71% of student’s primary source of video entertainment vs. 28% last year
  • 14% of respondents bought a mobile phone within the last three months, down from 21% last year. Smartphones comprised 73% of mobile phones, up from 69% in 2010.
  • Apple’s share of recent mobile phone purchased fell to 35% from 42% in 2010, and in line with 2009 at 35%.
  • 19.5% of students brought a tablet or e-reader with them to school, up from 14% last year
  • Apple’s iPad fell to a 42% share from 48% and Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle fell to 46.7% from 48%. Sony’s (SNE) e-reader fell to 0% from 4%. “Other” grew to 10% from 0% last year
  • No student surveyed brought either a Research in Motion (RIMM) PlayBook or a Barnes & Noble (BKS) Nook to school

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