U.S. President Donald Trump returns to the White House after spending the weekend in Florida March 24, 2019 in Washington DC.
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By Alan Murray and David Meyer
March 25, 2019

Happy Monday.

Take a moment amid the din this morning to appreciate a man who represents what truly makes America great: Robert Mueller. He took on a thankless task with dignity, integrity, a willingness to sacrifice his own reputation for a public cause, and an unflinching commitment to the rule of law. He proved the system still works, even in the face of unprecedented political turmoil. That’s good for the country, and ultimately good for business.

Less good are continuing revelations about the Boeing 737 Max. Afraid of losing ground to rival Airbus, the company appears to have taken some shortcuts in developing the plane… and succeeded in getting the FAA to play along with its gambit. The new revelations make it clear that my grading of CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s response to the plane’s two crashes was premature. Right now, he deserves an incomplete. The fact that he took eight days after the Ethiopian Airlines crash before making a public statement makes me think he is not the man to lead the company out of its deepening hole. For the American economy—and the global economy—Boeing is too big to fail. But I predict a new person in the pilot’s seat by the end of the year.

More news below. And go here for an advance look at Apple’s pivot-to-subscriptions, which will be announced today.

Alan Murray


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