This illustration picture shows the US online retail giant Amazon logo displayed on a tablet in Paris on Feb. 18, 2019.
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By Alan Murray and David Meyer
February 22, 2019

Good morning.

Take heed, Amazon. If CEO Daily email is any guide, the antipathy you have generated is intense. Some Friday feedback to Monday’s post:

“I am amazed at the breadth of support Amazon gets. Keep in mind, Amazon did not pay any local sales tax until recently. Thus local jurisdictions subsidized their growth at the expensive of bricks and mortar, which not only charged sales tax but also paid real estate taxes.”


“What I do not think gets its proper due by the elite business and on air media is how Amazon is slowing destroying small, medium, and large business plus local tax base and employment. Why are the elites so concerned about Amazon when this local destruction is taking place day by day?”


“The sentiment (against Amazon) is not anti-business, anti-capitalist or anti-tech. That’s the #richsplaining characterization. This sentiment is anti-oppression, anti-greed and anti-crime.”


A more sympathetic response came from DA, who shares my concern that the Democrats are marching ever further away from market economics even as Republicans are lashing themselves to Trump’s anti-globalization, anti-immigration, anti-trade agenda.

“All of this points to what I know so many Americans want—a centrist president. How to get one seems very elusive.”

News below. And be sure to read this piece by Fortune’s Bob Hackett about the next revolution in computing.

Alan Murray


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