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This week marked the CryptoKitties’ eight-month anniversary—roughly the amount of time it takes for a kitten to age into a cat. I had the chance to speak to Roham Gharegozlou, whose company, Axiom Zen, created the phenomenon of digital kittens on a blockchain last fall. (Gharegozlou was also included on The Ledger’s new 40 under 40 list.)

While there has been some recent handwringing over the fate of the cute crypto collectibles amid the overall bear market in cryptocurrencies—CryptoKitties’ transaction volume has plummeted to less than a tenth of what it was in December—Gharegozlou says the numbers don’t tell the entire story.

“What we’ve been trying to do is keep out the speculators,” Gharegozlou says. “People are crazy about the cats. People get cat tattoos, they make their own wood carvings and sell them on Reddit….We want to focus on that community, and the few people that are actually playing, rather than speculating.”

He envisions a future golden era of blockchain-based gaming, in which something like a CryptoKitty serves not just as an intangible collector’s item, but as a pass that unlocks all sorts of fun experiences—including those in the real world. Like a Comic-Con for crypto? I joked. Yes, Gharegozlou answered—and a whole lot more.

Of course, it’s hard to quantify that type of IRL activity in blockchain transaction statistics.

“We don’t pay a lot of attention to the top line metrics, because at the end of the day it’s tiny right now, and it’s going to stay tiny as we solve the other problems,” he says. “We need to figure out what is special about blockchain gaming, other than speculation and making money.”

Expect more news from CryptoKitties not too long from now.


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