By Chris Morris
May 14, 2018

Bitcoin’s on a downward cycle these days as its perpetual roller coaster ride continues, but bulls note that the cryptocurrency is still well above its 2018 lows.

That’s true, but year-to-date, Bitcoin is still down substantially. And it’s not the only cryptocurrency that’s struggling right now.

Bitcoin started the year at $14,112.20, according to CoinMarketCap. That’s more than $5,300 above current prices. (And that doesn’t factor in the digital coin’s 2018 peak of $17,527 on Jan. 6.)

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurency as judged by market cap, is also down, though to a much lesser degree. It kicked off the year at $755.76 and currently stands around $736, as of 11 a.m. EST Monday morning.

Ripple, meanwhile, is down 67% from $2.30 to 75 cents.

And Bitcoin Cash is down from $2,534.82 to $1,454—a 43% drop.

There is one bright spot for crypto investors in 2018, though. EOS, the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is actually up in 2018. The coin started the year at $8.77 and has nearly doubled in value. It currently trades for $14.56


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