VA Upper Class
Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic
By Chris Morris
February 2, 2018

Virgin Atlantic may not have Richard Branson at the helm any more, but it still knows how to get people talking.

The carrier has introduced a new seating class, dubbed the “Love Suite,” which is designed for couples that want to eat or watch a film in close proximity. Any other activities you choose are up to you.

The Airbus A330-200 plane boasting the Love Suite—dubbed the Daydream Believer—will feature two other suites in its first class area, the Solo Freedom suite and the Solo Corner Office.

Virgin Atlantic just announced its Love Suite for passengers who like to cuddle.
Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

Despite the name, the airline suites aren’t exactly what you might envision. They’re lie-flat beds, but they don’t come with walls (or any sort of privacy, likely for security reasons). The three suites sit in a row, and all convert to lie-flat beds. The Love Suite is two middle seats jammed together, while the Solo Freedom suite is the aisle seat and the Solo Corner Office is the window seat (it has a view, get it?).

When paying for a first class seat, including the suites, travelers get free WiFi, a barista-style coffee menu, and something called “Happy Socks.”

Flights will start this March from Manchester, England to New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and Barbados.


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