By Stacy Jones
October 4, 2017

Yesterday, I chatted with Ellen about the essay I was planning to write before she signed off. She has a special knack for helping me incubate ideas. Everyone needs someone like her in their corner — she cheers me on, uses words like “genius” too generously, and leaves me with a sense of clarity.

I left for the day feeling excited at the prospect of checking in with the raceAhead crowd. But I didn’t know then that I was about to lose someone to cancer.

Instead of writing that essay, I’ve done what I’d tell anyone else in my position to do — accepted the help of colleagues and surrounded myself with family. I’ve found that, personally, it’s easier advice to give than to take.

If there’s a leadership lesson in this, it’s to be mindful of the example you set for others the next time you try to plow through a personal tragedy without missing a beat at work.

I’ll leave you with a link to CancerCare. There’s no obligation, of course. But it would be a special and beautiful thing if you found a local event, explored becoming a corporate partner, or helped bolster the organization’s hurricane relief fund.

I’ll turn it over to Grace Donnelly, who’s got some corporate diversity and inclusion news for you.

Hug and call your special people today.

Stacy Jones, Fortune Data Editor


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