Gene Simmons, member of the rock group KISS.
Glenn Koenig LA Times via Getty Images
By Emily Price
September 14, 2017

Are you a huge Kiss fan and just happen to have $50,000 lying around? Then we’ve got the deal for you.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons unveiled a new venture this week called The Vault. Just like it sounds, the business involves selling you an actual vault full of Kiss stuff. Inside are 150 unreleased songs, a figurine of Gene Simmons, a giant gold coin, and “other memorabilia.”

You can buy one of the vaults for $2000, but if you have some extra cash you can pick up some pretty awesome extras. $25,000 gets you a Skype call with Simmons as well as an invite to sit in on a studio session. $50,000 gets you the Skype call and studio session as well as a personal vault delivery from Simmons himself, who will reportedly “hang out for a while” after he drops off your pricey package.

“The retail model is diminishing — I am saddened to see Sears in trouble, malls are in trouble, people just don’t seem to be getting out of their homes.” Simmons told The Street, “So the mountain will come to you — I will come to your home on my own dime and deliver you the vault.”

[Update] Simmons notes that those that buy the $2k version of The Vault can also get hand-delivery. However, rather than delivery to your home, those will be hand-delivered at a number of events around the country.


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