Photograph by Jeff Kowalsky—Getty/Bloomberg
Jeff Kowalsky © 2015 Bloomberg Finance LP
By Lisa Marie Segarra
July 13, 2017

Fiat Chrysler is closing its Detroit Viper factory after it decided to end production on Dodge Vipers after its 2017 model line.

The factory, known as the Conner Assembly Plant, made a small volume of Dodge Vipers by hand and employs about 87 people, according to USA Today.

A letter from a Fiat Chrysler human resources representative revealed that the plant will permanently close on Aug. 31. The letter also states that the automaker will be able to offer employment at other locations to all workers affected by the closure.

This makes Fiat Chrysler’s Jefferson Avenue assembly plant the only one left completely within Detroit.

According to USA Today, the factory was built in 1966 before it was acquired by Chrysler in 1995. The plant was also idled in July 2010 when the Chrysler’s 2009 bankruptcy led to the Viper being temporarily discontinued.

It was announced in 2016 that the 2017 model year would be the last for Viper production.


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