By Fortune Editors
March 28, 2017

When you think about the financial services industry—cuddly, warm, and trustworthy might not be the first adjectives that come to mind. But these banks, insurance companies, and more win high marks from employees for emphasizing not just the balance sheets (though there’s plenty of that), but the softer side of customer outreach and employee relationships. A consistent refrain: employees at these companies get to put their clients first. And the benefits don’t hurt either.

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Courtesy of USAA

Employees say: “The company isn’t completely driven by profits. It is willing to spend money for innovation, updating old systems, and on efforts that support employee work life balance and morale. The company also listens to every single employee for improvement and innovation ideas and truly does whatever it takes to help our members.”

“I appreciate that the culture is based on honesty, loyalty, and integrity. I am continually amazed at how brilliant and professional all of my coworkers are and how everyone is actually doing their part and is willing to pitch in. I have not experienced any “office politics” here, or individuals putting their personal agendas ahead of the team mission. I like that employees are encouraged to be themselves and that we have a casual dress code. My manager is supportive of my career development and we have regular one-on-ones. It is huge to have a manager who trusts me to do my work well and allows me the space to work independently.”

Industry: Financial Services
HQ location: San Antonio
Employees: 28,738
Global Revenue: $24 billion

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2. Quicken Loans

Interior culture photos of the Charlotte, North Carolina office. Team members in a meeting.
Leah Castile/Quicken Loans

Employees say: “”At Quicken Loans, you are not just another cubical-dweller, and your title truly doesn’t matter. Your voice and your opinion are heard, and if there is a better way of doing something, it is implemented.””

“What we do for the city of Detroit is incredible and it’s nice to be a part of a company that has shaped this city into what it is today, especially after bankruptcy and an emergency manager. I love the fact that anyone can be hired regardless of age, sex, race, etc. It’s nice to see a 50-year-old person starting a new chapter in their life and not being discriminated against for their age. The training this company offers is very nice, and second to no other mortgage company.

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Detroit
Employees: 13,690

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3. Navy Federal Credit Union

Courtesy of Navy Federal Credit Union

Employees say: “I am amazed by the way leadership in this company proves their integrity over and over to its members and to its employees. I am also amazed by the amount of encouragement I am given to grow, explore my options, receive training and education, and to care for our members with excellence and compassion. Even though the pace can be really fast, I really look forward to coming into work each day.”

“Working for Navy Federal is very satisfying. I take pride in my job and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we impact our member’s lives every single day and strive to provide them the best service and products available. Navy Federal also offers amazing benefits for its employees with paid annual and sick leave for both full-time and part-time employees. I’ve only been with Navy Federal for a little over three years now, but I see myself staying with them until I retire!”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Vienna, Va.
Employees: 13,832
Global Revenue: $4.7 billion

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4. Edward Jones

Courtesy of Edward Jones

Employees say: “Customer service has always been a priority here. And our time-tested recipe for introducing ourselves face-to-face to the community around our offices has reinforced the personal approach to building trust and a loyal customer base. Financial pay and incentives have remained very competitive over the years. The award travel benefit has allowed my wife and I to experience the world, and being a limited partner with Edward Jones has provided ownership-like returns on my invested capital. There are dozens of reasons I’m still with Edward Jones after 28 years and dozens more will keep me here until I retire in five to 10 years!”

“Our partnership structure is unique in our industry and allows us to make long-term decisions that are in the best interest of our clients. The business model also gives me a lot of flexibility and autonomy while still retaining the support and protection that comes with being an employee. I had a five-month medical leave after I broke my neck. Edward Jones paid me a salary while I was gone and brought in a temporary, trained financial advisor to take care of my clients.”

Industry: Investments
HQ location: St. Louis
Employees: 39,907
Global Revenue: $6.7 billion

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5. Capital One Financial

Courtesy of Capital One Financial

Employees say: “The best thing about working for Capital One is the tremendous amount of trust between leaders and individual contributors. Even as a relatively inexperienced member of the workforce, I have been given ownership over critical and delicate portions of our business. I am also trusted to manage my time however I see fit, as long as my work gets done.”

“The culture is such that associates work together to better one another. I see countless examples where people are learning from one another as the company becomes more technically fluent with things like mobile, APIs, and the cloud.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: McLean, Va.
Employees: 40,407
Global Revenue: $23 billion

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6. Nationwide

10324 Fortune Company San AntonioLaura Sauer/Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Copyrighted 2016
Laura Sauer/Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Employees say: “The uniqueness of this company is how it treats employees. My department is like a family. I appreciate the way constructive feedback is given to me, and I am encouraged to grow as an individual. When mistakes are made, a system is set up to protect the team from making the same mistake again. But, the way feedback is delivered makes me want to be a better associate. There is no yelling, blaming, or anger. There is only encouragement.”

“I think we have a great culture that gives us the ability to always do what is right. We are in positions that allow us to treat our customers like we would our family members. We are given many opportunities, and are encouraged to create relationships on every phone call and to be an advocate for the caller.”

Industry: General Insurance
HQ location: Columbus, Ohio
Employees: Confidential

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7. Pinnacle Financial Partners

Courtesy of Pinnacle Financial Partners

Employees say: “I have never worked for a company or firm where I feel so respected and appreciated every day. The management team always recognizes accomplishments—both work and personal. We are really like a big family!”

“There is excellent communication with employees about the firm’s goals and the responsibilities of the employees to help it reach these goals. Employees are made to feel important and valued regardless of their role or job title and are rewarded for good work.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Nashville
Employees: 1,206
Global Revenue: $323 million

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8. PrimeLending

Erin Burrough Photography

Employees say: “PrimeLending really works hard at building a sense of team and a sense of mutual support of all our efforts to provide the best client experience. The company trains and supports our managers to follow through with executive promises. I feel the executives listen to me when we have opportunities to share about our business.”

“We have a huge team atmosphere that begins at corporate and trickles all the way down to retail branches and entry-level employees. I have never seen such unity and encouragement displayed in such a massive company. We receive emails and videos on a regular basis charging us up, letting us know where we stand, understanding the level of effort everyone is putting in, and understanding the need to still have family and personal time in the midst of a high-volume season.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Dallas
Employees: 2,915

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9. Bankers Healthcare Group

Courtesy of Bankers Healthcare Group

Employees say: “BHG is more than just a place to work. It is an amazing place for an individual to find themselves professionally and then begin bringing out their greatness from within. BHG promotes hard work, ethics, integrity, a healthy lifestyle, and a financially stable future for your family and loved ones. I can say that BHG has single-handedly changed my life and I feel I’m forever in debt to the company for that.”

“One of the major company goals is a positive mental attitude. We are sent daily inspirational videos and I cannot say enough how much of a positive influence this has had on me, not only as an employee, but as an individual in everyday life. I feel important and valued. Also, I feel like I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but my manager has really helped show me how to grow in my position.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Davie, Fla.
Employees: 299

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10. Credit Acceptance Corporation

Courtesy of Credit Acceptance Corporation

Employees say: “CA has done its absolute best at making me feel welcomed and needed as a new hire. I have already had the opportunity on several occasions to unwind during celebrations and gatherings facilitated by CA. During these events and even in the day-to-day, I have been made to feel like I have been here for years and that anything I’ve needed—or may need in the future—is readily available or will be located. The atmosphere is positive and engaging.”

“This is the first company that I’ve ever worked for that actually sticks to their core values. I believe that everyone I have worked with in this company is positive, respectful, insightful, direct, and earnest. I enjoy coming to work each day and appreciate everything that this company has done for me and the opportunities that it has afforded to me and my family. I truly believe that this company is a great place to work.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Southfield, Mich.
Employees: 1,540
Global Revenue: $825 million

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11. Veterans United Home Loans

Courtesy of Veterans United Home Loans

Employees say: “Our employee-funded foundation is a perfect example of why I love to work at Veterans United. From helping a veteran get a service dog to partnering with the Gary Sinise Foundation to get a veteran into a smart home, more than 95% of us donate 1% of our paychecks to enhance the lives of those in need both locally and overseas. Every week our foundation shows us a new person or family whose lives we have made a little easier.”

“I was initially hired for an entry-level position processing payroll. Within a year I was able to advance into another position within accounting. One short year later, I was offered another position to advance my underwriting skills. Veterans United truly cares about employee growth and it recognizes the talent pool it has already employed.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Columbia, Mo.
Employees: 1,991

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12. TD Bank

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 24: People walk past a TD Bank, October 24, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. TD Ameritrade announced on Monday that it would acquire Scottrade Financial Services for $4 billion. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Drew Angerer—Getty Images

Employees say: “The culture is amazing. Commitment to internal and external customers, community, and the environment is evident. Employees are treated fairly and given the room to participate in stretch assignments that add value to the employee’s experience as long as other work isn’t impacted. Flex work opportunities are appreciated by many.”

“Here at TD Bank, there is a social consciousness that I have not experienced at other employers. I have never worked for an organization that is constantly supporting initiatives for so many important things.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Cherry Hill, N.J. & Portland, Maine
Employees: 26,593

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13. American Express

Courtesy of American Express

Employees say: “Working at American Express gives me an extreme sense of pride. The people here are diverse, fair, balanced, focused, and compassionate. American Express has tapped into employee engagement in a way that motivates everybody to contribute in the most meaningful ways while also maintaining a healthy work life balance. The executive leadership team clearly outlines long terms goals, short term strategies, and in the midst of challenges, effectively communicates expectations and opens communications channels so that any concerns can be addressed quickly and comprehensively.”

“As a leader, you are expected to develop and showcase your team. This is part of our leadership culture that we are goaled and compensated against. What I think this fosters is a culture where we actively share the work of our team and more junior members are brought to meetings to present. Because of this focus on recognizing talent and hard work, I believe individuals and teams feel more invested in the outcomes and I think it goes a long way to developing the leaders of tomorrow.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: New York City
Employees: Confidential
Global Revenue: $32.8 billion

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14. OnDeck Capital

Courtesy of OnDeck Capital, Inc.

Employees say: “What makes the company unique is the tremendous amount of trust and responsibility given to individuals. OnDeck perceives a job as a continuous learning experience, so our day-to-day is much more integrated and involved with other processes and departments.”

“People here are incredibly open to new ideas and to debating and criticizing the way we run the business. This creates a culture where people are very willing to speak up and challenge the status quo. Executive management even has a dedicated email inbox for ideas, which they regularly review to see what they can turn into project proposals.”

Industry: General Insurance
HQ location: New York City
Employees: 625
Global Revenue: $254 million

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15. Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

The logo of Europe's biggest insurer Allianz SE is seen on the company tower at La Defense business and financial district in Courbevoie near Paris, France, March 2, 2016. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen - RTS9400
Jacky Naegelen—Reuters

Employees say: “This is a great place to work because the company cares about its employees. Employee recognition, both verbal and financial, is promoted via the recognition programs that have been developed. The fact that there is an on-site gym and health incentives throughout the year, as well as a daycare facility, clearly supports Allianz’s desire for a healthy physical and emotional balance for their employees. There are also a multitude of educational programs employees can participate in to improve their skill levels and professional development, as well as their career opportunities.”

“The volunteerism and community involvement in this company is phenomenal! The Spirit of Giving is a month of donating food, clothes, money, and toys. It is amazing how giving people are and how it is encouraged throughout all levels of the company. We even get a vacation day specifically to be used for volunteering.”

Industry: Life Insurance
HQ location: Golden Valley, Minn.
Employees: 1,802
Global Revenue: $11 billion

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16. New American Funding

Rick and Patty Arvielo, center foreground, with employees of their company New American Funding in Tustin. ///ADDITIONAL INFO: twp.newamericanfunding.1203 - 10/21/15 - Photo by PAUL RODRIGUEZ, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER - Rick and Patty Arvielo with employees of their company New American Funding in Tustin. PAUL RODRIGUEZ, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
Photograph by Paul Rodriguez

Employees say: “Simply put, this company provides outstanding support in all aspects, allowing me to do the best I can in the workplace. We have outstanding leadership that has a clear vision for where the company is heading. Furthermore, they have created and maintained a fun and family-like culture which is not often easy for a company that has grown as quickly as we have.”

“In all the places I’ve ever worked, this is the first time I was warmly welcomed and felt like family on day one. Everyone here pulls together to meet deadlines and consistently exceed expectations, and that extends to the quarterly community service projects to help the surrounding communities. We genuinely like coming to work and like the people that are here with us.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Tustin, Calif.
Employees: 2,014
Global Revenue: $378 million

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17. ESL Federal Credit Union

Courtesy of ESL Federal Credit Union

Employees say: “Your ideas and feedback are not only encouraged, they are acted upon. The company and management make it a point to empower employees to offer their feedback when necessary.”

“Senior leadership is always around and knows even the newest of people by name. There is also a good work life balance. I am not aware of a company that still offers a pension, other than this one. Our recognition program is above and beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Our benefits continue to be low-cost. Training is constantly taking place, which shows great investment in the employees and the company. Plus, n a world where many companies continue to downsize, ESL is steadily growing.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Rochester, N.Y.
Employees: 717
Global Revenue: $184 million

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18. U.S. Bank

OC Marathon Sunday May 1st, 2016, at OC Fairgrounds
Stuart Palley

Employees say: “I have worked for U.S. Bank and its predecessors for over 30 years. I believe what makes us stand apart from other financial institutions of our size and scope is our emphasis on work-life balance, our ethical principles and behaviors, and our outstanding CEO, Richard Davis. I am proud to work at an institution that does not have its name in the national papers for unethical practices. I cannot ever remember having layoffs, as other banks have had, and our conservative nature has served us well throughout the years.”

“Being employed by U.S. Bank has given me an opportunity to make a difference in the area of creating hiring initiatives for individuals with developmental disabilities. Specifically, we’ve partnered with a third-party agency to develop a program that offers young individuals with Autism a chance to gain meaningful work experience at some of our locations. This has been the most worthwhile and meaningful experience I’ve had in my entire career and it likely would not have occurred had I not been with this company.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Minneapolis
Employees: 66,393
Global Revenue: $20.3 billion

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19. Mountain America Credit Union

Employees say: “I feel respected and unafraid when around higher management. I have worked for other companies where they discourage talking to anyone above or outside of your team, but that is not the case here. Everyone says hi. I have never met them and they make you feel like you are a good friend.”

“Mountain America has a great policy about putting the member first. We have sales teams and we strive to make sales goals a reality, but not at the expense of our members. Mountain America Credit Union truly cares about its employees and its members to the highest extent possible.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: West Jordan, Utah
Employees: 1,634
Global Revenue: $307 million

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20. Acuity Insurance

Drew NeerdaelsKris Maz LAUNCHFILM 2015
Courtesy of Acuity

Employees say: “The most unique thing about this company is the culture, and how everyone is happy. Be it claims, underwriting, marketing, mailroom, or maintenance, everyone is happy to be working here. We are empowered to make our jobs fun and to work the way we want to work. We are rewarded for our efforts and management consistently tells us they appreciate all we do.”

“Acuity always finds a reason to celebrate life, whether it’s at our bi-weekly happy hours, work-coordinated social events, or during holidays. This allows employees to build relationships beyond just being coworkers. Management is very friendly and personable. They do not feel ‘too good’ to interact with people at the lower levels.”

Industry: General Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance
HQ location: Sheboygan, Wis.
Employees: 1,207
Global Revenue: $1.3 billion

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21. American Fidelity Assurance

©McNeese Stills + Motion
McNeese Stills + Motion

Employees say: “I was recently hired at American Fidelity and I feel that they were extremely honest in my interview so I knew what to expect coming in. I never felt like they exaggerated any of the great benefits (because they didn’t have to) to convince me to work here. I expected to be satisfied with my job, but I’m happier than I even knew I could be in a company this large. I feel that my voice matters and that I can have an impact on the organization even though I’ve only been here for a month. It really shows how much they value each colleague, not matter their tenure.”

“Insurance sales is usually a stressful field to be in since in most offices there is cold calling, commission-only pay, lapse ratios, and no retirement funding. I feel that American Fidelity, however, has set us up perfectly. Although I get commission on my sales, I do not feel that that’s the most motivating part of my job. It is the genuine care that I have for others, and wanting to provide an option that makes sense for them. I feel that every year our organization just gets better and better.”

Industry: Life Insurance
HQ location: Oklahoma City
Employees: 1,757
Global Revenue: $1.17 billion

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22. Renovate America

Courtesy of Renovate America

Employees say: “This is the first place I’ve ever worked where everyone’s input is valued. I was shocked at one of the first meetings that I ever attended here, when an hourly employee asked a Marketing VP a question about an unusual situation the employee had encountered. The VP said, “Wow, that’s interesting, I’m not sure how to handle that, do you have any ideas on how we should handle it?” He empowered the employee and made him and others in the room feel valued. This is typical behavior across the board from management. They really value their employees. The CEO, CFO, COO and all other management treat all employees this way. It is amazing!”

“There is a sense of caring for their employees. It’s refreshing to work for a company that has set core values and encourages each employee to follow those values both in and away from work. Yes, there are the benefits: free lunch, stock, gyms, personal enrichment clubs, and company parties. But the foundation of the core values and the encouragement to follow those values is what I feel makes this company unique.”
Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: San Diego
Employees: 652

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23. First Horizon National

Courtesy of First Horizon National Corporation

Employees say: “The people make this a great place to work. When facing deadlines or higher workloads if another team member is sick, our managers jump in and help wherever needed without thought or expectation of reward. It’s simply ‘the right thing to do.'”

“The executive team truly has a desire for everyone to succeed. Usually, executives have no idea what the people below them are up to—but ours, I feel, have their finger on the pulse of the day to day operations and are in touch with actual workers.”

HQ location: Memphis
Employees: 4,300
Global Revenue: $26 billion

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24. Baird

Courtesy of Baird

Employees say: “What makes Baird such a great place to work is the genuine caring and concern that employees have for each other. For every milestone, no matter how big or small, my co-workers find an opportunity to celebrate each other. Colleagues have a genuine interest in getting to know you as a person, not just as a co-worker. Baird is also very special because of its reputation in the area. It doesn’t matter who I talk to, when I tell them that I work for Baird, everyone mentions how Baird is one of the ‘good guys’ who haven’t been tempted to make profits at their clients’ expense.”

“Baird is in the financial services industry, which has a poor reputation as too many firms (and employees of those firms) think of themselves first, and clients second or third. Baird is as honest and as trusted of a company you will find, not just in financial services, but among all companies. We are owned by the employees (2/3 are owners) and because we are owners of the firm, we think like owners and act like owners. Given this, clients come first and when they win, we will benefit. Our ownership structure also fosters a great alignment and culture among employees. I can call anyone in another department and get enthusiastic help—I know this because it is done all the time (there is no ‘that’s not my job’). We want Baird to be successful.”

Industry: Investments, Accounting, Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Milwaukee
Employees: 3,196
Global Revenue: $1.3 billion

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25. Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Courtesy of Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Employees say: “Grow is a great place to work! We always have fun while getting our jobs done! I enjoy the gym, the shuffle board, the pool table, and I’m looking forward to the soon-to-be ping pong table. Everyone says hello to one another and it’s never awkward riding on the elevator—we’re either talking about our weekend, what’s going on with one another, or making lunch plans! And you never know who’s going to be riding with you—it is nice to have such an open company to where you can have some time to talk to the CEO while taking the elevator up!”

“Grow Financial is very diverse when it comes to our background and employees. I love that one of our mantra’s is to be bold—which gives us the opportunity to go beyond our responsibilities for our members.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Tampa
Employees: 568

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26. Evergreen Home Loans

Courtesy of Evergreen Home Loans

Employees say: “We are one huge family with a common set of goals and we all do whatever is necessary to attain our company and personal goals. We live and breathe customer service and we provide that service to our production field so they can close loans and keep our company stable and profitable. Our owner cares about us enough that he consistently puts his profits back into the company to guarantee our future and our financial stability. This is huge in an industry that has had a very negative past, and where public confidence has waned. I am not looking to move from here, I plan to retire from this company.”

“I have worked for several of the large financial institutions in America over the years. This company puts all of them to shame. Evergreen gives me the feeling that we are all in this together and have a stake in our success. That feeling boosts my desire to go the extra mile and help in any way I can, but it also adds an extra element of joy to life in general. I believe the formula we have here is one that ensures success for everyone involved, and I am extremely pleased to work for Evergreen.”

HQ location: Bellevue, Wash.
Employees: 541

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27. First American Financial

Courtesy of First American Financial Corporation

Employees say: “I believe that First American provides a space for growth and opportunity unlike any other company. I started with First American less than a year ago, and since then I have moved departments to a job that provides me with even more opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills. Management listened to and observed my eagerness to learn and my drive to move forward within the company. I have never been given the opportunity to move up so quickly within a company before I started with First American.”

“We are a family here at First American. You always feel like you’re at home when you’re at your desk. It’s a very comfortable environment with managers who are fair to everyone and give us all an opportunity to prove our worth. You get a shot at excelling. I’ve become one of the top sales representatives for this company all thanks to my supervisor and my managers for recognizing the hard work I’ve put in over the phones and over the computer. Working here has bettered myself in a multitude of ways as an employee and as a human being.”

Industry: Title Insurance and Settlement Services
HQ location: Santa Ana, Calif.
Employees: 11,659
Global Revenue: $5.2 billion

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28. Alliant Credit Union

Courtesy of Alliant Credit Union

Employees say: “I feel like my opinion always matters—I don’t think that’s the case everywhere you go. I feel so lucky to have found Alliant and feel lucky that I found a place where I don’t dread Mondays. In fact, I look forward to seeing everyone and catching up on our weekends. I think it’s rare to have that kind of ‘community’ within an organization.”

“I find it unique that during New Employee Orientation, the CEO along with the rest of the executive group sit down and have lunch with the new hires. They open themselves up for questions and really go into the Credit Union’s philosophy in the past, present, and where they see the Credit Union going in the coming years.”

Industry: Investments, Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Rolling Meadows, Ill.
Employees: 425
Global Revenue: $232 million

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29. Walker & Dunlop

Employees say: “Our CEO, Willy, does a fantastic job at keeping each individual in the organization in the loop through transparent and honest communications, whether through all-company weekly emails, all-company quarterly meetings, the annual all-company holiday gathering (a three-day event), or smaller regularly meetings. There is always something going on to connect people and information.”

“Last year, my partner of ten years passed away unexpectedly. It was unbelievable the amount of support I received from not only my coworkers/friends, but also my leadership team. My direct manager partnered with a coworker of mine and researched venues and other logistics for the reception after the funeral service—which was large, with nearly 300 attendees. They did all the legwork, from site visit, to pricing, to interviewing caterers. It was unbelievable. I am so grateful that I didn’t have to worry about it at all. Our CEO, Willy Walker, called me directly—not just right after my partner died, but frequently for months following, and he still checks in on my now. Our General Counsel called me and listened to me cry. He and I were also emailing when I was in the hospital prior to the passing. Our President sent me a book on grieving and a handwritten note sharing a personal experience regarding loss. W&Ders made very generous donations to a dog rescue charity on behalf of my partner. Many Operations Committee members and Executive Committee members came to the calling hours and/or the funeral service, including Willy and his wife. There were about four large pews of W&D people at the funeral. I received dozens and dozens of cards, emails, gifts, flowers and phone calls from coworker and management. Beyond that, needless to say I wasn’t performing at 100% for a long time following the passing. I pride myself in being a hard worker and having a great work product—which naturally slipped a little after my loss. My manager and other leaders were incredibly patient, understanding and supportive giving me the time and encouragement I needed. I’ve worked for four other companies during my career and I know that not one of them would have done what W&D did. I’m so lucky to work for a company like W&D.”

Industry: Investments
HQ location: Bethesda, Md.
Employees: 513
Global Revenue: $468 million

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30. Total Merchant Services

Louis A Raynor JCMCC Inc. Photo
Courtesy of Total Merchant Services

Employees say: “I love my colleagues! They always help when needed. We once had a huge project and different department assisted in helping get the job done.”

“This company is so amazing and we like to make each employee feel special. For example, on their birthday we decorate each person’s cubicles.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Woodland Hills, Calif.
Employees: 279

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31. Aflac

Courtesy of Aflac

Employees say: “I have worked for other companies, in other states, and from the very beginning with Aflac, I knew it was different. I was impressed by the integrity of the company itself, its values, and the way it deals with the customer. This is reflected in the management and also most of the employees I have worked with through the years. I am proud of what we do for people and the way we do it. The respect and care that is shown to the employees is something that really stands out.”

“Aflac is a fantastic company to work for thanks to excellent leadership, and a great company culture. Ethical and fair management is the standard throughout the organization and at all levels of leadership. Leadership trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders. I look forward to going to work everyday, you can count on people to cooperate, leadership shows appreciation for good work, and finally, leadership delivers on their promises.”

Industry: Health Insurance
HQ location: Columbus, Ga.
Employees: 5,374
Global Revenue: $20.9 billion

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32. OppenheimerFunds

Courtesy of OppenheimerFunds

Employees say: “What makes this company a great place to work is the people. There is a sense of family that goes beyond the workplace. I think this is especially true in my current department because there are people who have worked together for a long time. There are opportunities to grow and learn and my department does a great job of involving people in corporate initiatives. It makes you feel part of the team.”

“There is a tremendous work ethic and knowledge base amongst the people and groups I work with and interact with on a daily basis. People are thoughtful, intelligent and professional, but are also well-rounded. We can readily and easily discuss matters/issues that pertain to both their jobs as well as current events, interests, books, and any other activities from their personal lives. There is a continual and deliberate desire on the part of employees and colleagues to maintain effectiveness and happiness in their work and personal lives.”

Industry: Investments
HQ location: New York City
Employees: 2,039

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33. Network Capital Funding

Employees say: “The open work environment, and lack of closed-door offices, is a great equalizer. Managers are available and sit in the same environment as their direct reports. The visibility of all employees ensures appropriate and professional behavior and conversation. Training is provided on an ongoing basis and people at all levels of experience are treated with the same respect. They encourage professional growth, do not micro-manage those with significant experience, and are not threatened by someone who may be over-qualified.”

“The unique thing about working for Network Capital is the sense of importance they give to each and every employee; it’s hard for anyone to feel unnoticed. As a call center agent, we all encourage each other every single day (managers included) while on the phones. Working here doesn’t feel like work; it feels like you’re just getting business done with your family! It’s a lively place to be employed, and I’m extremely fortunate that I have found employment here at Network Capital.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Irvine, Calif.
Employees: 500
Global Revenue: $39.9 million

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34. City Credit Union

Courtesy of City Credit Union

Employees say: “Most of the management and upper-level employees are very personable and approachable. Our CEO makes countless efforts to talk to associates and ask us how our day is going. Additionally, it appears she genuinely cares about our answers. It is uncommon in my opinion to find a company where the CEO goes out of their way to make associates feel like they matter.”

“The management and leadership teams go out of their way to make sure that all employees are happy and feel as though they are part of a work family. They have had cookouts for us and the members, we regularly are presented with awards and recognized for exceptional work, and we have even been to several sporting events that were covered by company.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Dallas
Employees: 120

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35. Funeral Directors Life

Courtesy of Funeral Directors Life

Employees say: “This is an amazing place to work. There is a sense of community and family. We take care of each other. Our supervisors are our mentors and they support us, encourage us, and want the best for us. I love working in a place where I feel appreciated and valued. I also love all the amazing perks like the fitness center and the on-site clinic, free fresh fruit provided every day, and a genuine concern for our health and well-being for mind, body, and soul. I especially love my Kindle, provided by the company, and the many life-changing books that have been given to me by Funeral Directors Life over the years.”

“Everyone is able to recognize employees of their choosing to reward for their great work with a Performance Plus award. Every year, every full time employee is given $100 to use toward these awards. We can either give one person a $100 reward, or two people a $50 reward. And these are presented in front of everyone during one of our monthly luncheons. I love how they let us give recognition to those that management might not notice all the time.”

Industry: Life Insurance
HQ location: Abilene, Texas
Employees: 168
Global Revenue: $277 million

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36. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Courtesy of West Bend Mutual Insurance

Employees say: “I’ve been with this company for a long time. I’ve worked in many different departments and loved working in all of them. Overall, everyone is very friendly and it feels good coming into work every day. The pay and overall benefits are excellent! My manager is very flexible with my schedule when it comes to having to leave early for my kids or for appointments. This makes my life a little less stressful. I also have very helpful co-workers who will help me out if needed. It’s nice working with such great people every day.”

“Management is always supportive and very easy to talk to when there are issues that need attention. There is always a great deal of effort to improve and grow however we can in all ways possible that makes working here extremely enjoyable. I have never seen any concerns written off or dismissed. Everyone is taken seriously and given adequate attention. There are multiple company events and community events throughout the year to get people communicating and involved.”

Industry: General Insurance
HQ location: West Bend, Wis.
Employees: 1,210
Global Revenue: $1.06 billion

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37. Synchrony Financial

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Employees say: “SYF makes you feel like you are part of a larger goal and organization, even if we represent a client or portion of the business. One can see that SYF cares about the customers and employees and are passionate about making a difference in the industry and with clients. The company also strives to develop and promote people, and lets you grow with your career and move across portfolios. There’s a great sense of pride in everyone’s work, which is enjoyable to be a part of, and contagious.”

“Synchrony Financial is a great place to work because it allows their employees to engage themselves and be productive in areas that they are passionate about. All of our affinity networks shows just that. It gives employees a sense of purpose in knowing they can contribute to the community and the company as a whole. Synchrony is always thinking about the health and wellbeing of their employees. This ranges from gym memberships, discounts on training programs, counseling, and assistance with one’s own benefits and retirement plans. Synchrony strives to provide their employees with the best services that could help make peoples’ personal and professional life a lot easier and manageable.”

Industry: Banking/Credit Services
HQ location: Stamford, Conn.
Employees: 9,260
Global Revenue: $10.8 billion

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38. PURE Insurance

Courtesy of PURE Insurance

Employees say: “We’re really into our culture, and we strive to hire people who will fit into that culture. I enjoy the people that I work with … everyone pitches in to help out. One specific example is in the reception area—our receptionist has other responsibilities and cannot always be at the front desk, but almost anyone in the office who passes by reception and sees someone standing there will ask if that person is being helped. I’ve interviewed multiple people who commented that they were impressed with how many people asked them if they needed help when they were waiting in reception.”

“Something that I think makes PURE unique is that, everyone—from the executives to the entry-level employees—really takes the time to make connections and develop relationships within the office. That creates an environment that really enables us to excel in our own positions. For me, personally, I think the environment in which I work really allows me to be myself because I feel trusted by both my peers and my superiors. For example, something that I really and truly appreciate is when I come across a situation that I’m unsure of how to approach it, my supervisor will ALWAYS tell me she ‘has my back’ in whatever I choose to do. I don’t think that is something you could find in every company.”

Industry: General Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance
HQ location: White Plains, N.Y.
Employees: 422

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39. National MI

Courtesy of National MI

Employees say: “What’s unusual about this company is the positive culture! I’ve never been in an organization where people’s results are shared in such a positive way. Emails are sent on a regular basis encouraging everyone and recognizing efforts and results from various teams and individuals. It’s also common to hear people laughing and having fun as they conduct a conference call with the company or to a group. People care about our organization and feel everyone plays a part in making the company successful. It’s an exciting company. I honestly feel blessed.”

“Having worked in many industries, from manufacturing to finance and the military, this is the first time in my career I feel like I belong. The environment is friendly and supportive, and teamwork and collaboration is evident everywhere. National MI people work hard, and our efforts are recognized by management and our peers. We also take time to celebrate each other through monthly birthday celebrations, and have fun with in-house events like Halloween and Super Bowl parties. National MI is truly a Great Place to Work and I am so happy to be a part of this great organization.”

Industry: General Insurance
HQ location: Emeryville, Calif.
Employees: 249
Global Revenue: $53.6 million

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40. FactSet Research Systems

Courtesy of FactSet Research Systems

Employees say: “FactSet is intellectually rewarding, and functional roles are always dynamically responding to client challenges. Our clients are constantly forecasting what will happen to the world and markets. Exploring their ideas and how they can impact the future and investment decision-making is inherently interesting and always changing. FactSet is a flexible tool, and organizationally, it’s pretty flat. It’s always all hands on deck for our clients, and we do everything we can to answer complex questions with our products. I love how our product is always evolving, and people are encouraged to think broadly about how our clients run their business in a deep way. We have a very strong team spirit, even as we grow as a company.”

“FactSet has a distinct and exceptional corporate culture. Employees are highly valued, feel respected, and are kept well-informed by senior management within a relatively flat and open organizational structure. People are made to feel like they have a voice and can express their opinions and share ideas. FactSet offers best-in-class portfolio analytics and risk metrics. However, our free-of-charge 24/7 client service is what truly defines FactSet as a world-class company and partner to our clients. This culture of caring ensures a collaborative, inclusive and kind workplace, which absolutely enhances shareholder value because people are motived to strive for excellence and are rewarded with recognition and respect when it is achieved.”

Industry: Investments
HQ location: Norwalk, Conn.
Employees: 2,405
Global Revenue: $1 billion

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