Photograph by David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Jeff John Roberts
February 10, 2017

Corporate America has mostly kept silent about President Trump’s performance so far. Except for the tech industry: Despite a fleeting kumbaya moment in Trump Tower after the election, tech bigwigs have made it clear they’re not unhappy about the President’s immigration ban and much more.

But talk only goes so far—especially in Silicon Valley where outspoken “I would do it different” opinions are as common as hoodies and overpriced coffee. If the tech community truly opposes Trump, it could put its money where its mouth is by drafting one of its own to be President.

There’s no shortage of people in the tech world with the influence (and the ego) to make a serious Presidential run. Here are five of them, whose names have come up in political discussions, and why they could—and could not—be President.

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