By Alan Murray
December 7, 2016

Good morning.

What’s the best measure of corporate performance?

Over the course of the year, Fortune ranks companies in many different ways. We have the Fortune 500, which ranks U.S. companies based on revenues, and the Fortune Global 500, which does the same globally. Then there’s the Best Companies to Work For list, the Fastest-Growing Companies list, and the World’s Most Admired Companies list. To top it off, we have our Businessperson of the Year list, which is based on a rigorous evaluation of a company’s performance over the last three years, and our newer Change the World list, which celebrates companies who make measurable progress in addressing major global social problems part of their core strategy.

This morning, we unveil the uber-list – Fortune’s Blue Ribbon Companies – which includes 34 companies that show up on at least four of these seven lists. They are the top of the top, and deserve to be celebrated.

Three companies made five of the seven lists this year. They are: Alphabet, Gilead Sciences and Nike. The other 31, who make four lists each, can be found here.

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Alan Murray


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