Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- Baptist Health South Florida
Courtesy of Baptist Health South Florida

10 Best Workplaces for Latinos

Dec 05, 2016

These are the companies that received the highest marks from their Latino employees, according to data collected by Fortune partner Great Place to Work. Rankings are based on employees’ sentiment on workplace fairness, opportunities for advancement, and job satisfaction, along with other workplace statistics. The quotes below were given by companies' Latino staff. For more on great workplaces, see Fortune's list of best companies for overall diversity, along with our lists for African-Americans and Asian-Americans.

1. Miami Children's Health System

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- Miami Children's Health System Courtesy of Miami Children's Health System 

Employees say:

"Every day working at a children's hospital is unique. I know that the work I do supports the frontline caregivers. Knowing that I contribute to saving the lives of children is the most rewarding experience. Not only do we care for the families in need, but we also truly care for one another. When you walk through the doors, you feel like you're part of this family. Like you belong here. On top of that, the organization truly strives to make this a great place to work by implementing programs that benefit employees—like our Healthy Lifestyles program and discounts for all kinds of activities."

"Since the first day I started working here over 20 years ago, I've always loved it. I’m proud to work here despite all of its changes. It’s gotten bigger, but the focus remains the same. The families we serve are the reason we give it our all. Sometimes I've seen families in the cafeteria lunch line that do not have enough money for their lunch. The employee standing behind them will often pick up the tab. It warms my heart to see that."

Worldwide employees: 3,785
U.S. headquarters: Miami
Industry: Health care
Latino representation: 64%

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2. Intradeco

Employees say:

"I really do enjoy working for Intradeco. It welcomed me in with open arms when I started, and I have continuously kept growing and learning throughout my time here. The managers are wonderful and they trust in me to get the job done. I truly feel like I make a difference and help carry out the task that this company needs in order to continue to grow. I like that this company is like a family."

"Employees are seen as individuals and are thought of very highly. There is a deep sense of caring for people. The chairman cares a lot about employee's personal issues and how the company can help them. The genuine kindness shown is unique in today's world."

Worldwide employees: 800
U.S. headquarters: Miami
Industry: Retail
Latino representation: 42%

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3. Baptist Health South Florida

100 best workplaces for women 2016- baptist-health-south-florida Courtesy of Baptist Health South Florida 

Employees say:

"I love my job and my coworkers and the fact that I’m given the opportunity to grow professionally."

"I feel that the management truly cares about me, my goals (personal and professional), and my well-being. I have check-ins with my manager every two weeks where we go over long and short-term goals. "

Worldwide employees: 15,073
U.S. headquarters: Coral Gables, Fla.
Industry: Health care
Latino representation: 56%

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Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- USAA Courtesy of USAA 

Employees say:

"My manager takes the time to help me grow. He helps me choose growth points, ways I can practice, and he keeps me accountable. He is always available if I need to talk about work or team dynamics. He is very approachable and practices what he teaches. My team has flourished because of this and I'm very thankful to be on a wonderful team with great people."

"I have never had management care about me on such a consistent and profound basis until I began working here. They truly take your interests and professional goals to heart, and provide coaching for professional growth that's useful both in the company and outside of it."

Worldwide employees: 28,738
U.S. headquarters: San Antonio, Tex.
Industry: Financial services and insurance
Latino representation: 31%

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5. Marriott International

Marriott Courtesy of Marriott International

Employees say:

"I am a better person and human being for having had this work experience."

"I work in housekeeping for Marriott and we all treat each other as a family. We share in each other’s successes, pains, and happiness. I lost both of my parents last year. My colleagues helped make an unbearable pain more manageable. We are also treated with exemplary professionalism by management and everyone treats each other with dignity and respect."

Worldwide employees: 218,512
U.S. headquarters: Bethesda
Industry: Hospitality
Latino representation: 29%

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6. Arthrex

Arthrex - Best Companies 2016 Courtesy of Arthrex 

Employees say:

"I have been working here for 15 years and love every moment of it. There is great opportunity to grow professionally and we have the best benefits anyone can offer. "

"Arthrex is a great place to work, first of all because of all the opportunities available, and because you can grow as a professional. It also has great benefits. We feel welcome from the very first day, giving us the confidence to perform new tasks. You feel like you are at your second home here."

Worldwide employees: 3,592
U.S. headquarters: Naples, Fla.
Industry: Manufacturing and production
Latino representation: 42%

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7. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

best workplaces for millenials 2016- Kimpton Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants 

Employees say:

"The company really does celebrate people for who they uniquely are. I think a lot of companies talk about how they do that, but Kimpton actually does it. The management takes a genuine interest in what makes each of us different. We're fun and informal. This is not a 'stuffy' place and everyone likes to smile, laugh, and have fun together. Our CEO is hysterical, which sets the mood in the office. He really cares about all of us and likes to make us laugh, even when he's really busy. The people all care about each other. I care about my colleagues and want the best for them. I think we all want the best for each other."

"I feel empowered and trusted to make decisions without having to ask anybody else for approval. The management trusts that we will make a decision thinking about our company first and they will have our backs."

Worldwide employees: 8,142
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Industry: Hospitality
Latino representation: 35%

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8. Camden Property Trust

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- Camden Property Trust Courtesy of Camden Property Trust 

Employees say:

"I believe our leaders truly care about us personally and professionally. Camden offers a $4,500 tuition reimbursement for its employees and a $4,500 scholarship for their children. Both can continue their education with this benefit. For our personal needs, we now have an Employee Emergency Relief Fund for unexpected hardships. It's a stressful time when you find yourself in a financial crisis and this program is exactly what we need to relieve the burden."

"Camden is where I want to retire from. I have only worked here for about three years, but I already know that I am not going anywhere else. This is my home. I have never worked for a company that shows in so many ways how they care about you as an individual person. I have grown so much in my short tenure here that I can’t imagine where I will be in the next 15-20 years. I came in at an entry-level position and was given not only the proper tools and training to develop and grow, but an opportunity advance. I can now imagine a future for myself that I never really saw before. I have no clue what the future holds but I truly believe that the sky is the limit."

Worldwide employees: 1,622
U.S. headquarters: Houston
Industry: Construction and real estate
Latino representation: 34%

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9. TDIndustries

best workplaces to retire from 2016- TDIndustries Courtesy of TDIndustries 

Employees say:

"When I joined this company I felt a natural sense of belonging and a great sense of worth. I was welcomed with open arms and offered all the help needed to get my job done. Overall this is a great place to work and my favorite company I’ve worked for."

"One reason I love working for TDIndustries is everyone here is treated fairly. Here you're not an 'employee,' you are a 'partner.' I have to say this is the only company I've worked where I’ve been comfortable talking with the CEO. He's very respectful and is open minded about everyone's opinion. Working here is a dream come true and I plan on retiring from here."

Worldwide employees: 2,223
U.S. headquarters: Dallas
Industry: Construction and real estate
Latino representation: 42%

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10. NuStar Energy

NuStar Courtesy of NuStar 

Employees say:

"NuStar Energy is a company that is truly unique in offering its employees an opportunity to gain fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. NuStar instills in their employees in a culture of safety that promotes a commitment toward teamwork and pride to ensure successful operations and project completions. As a result, the company prospers and goes above and beyond in sharing with their employees. NuStar rewards its employees through generous salaries and outstanding healthcare benefits that have been recognized as being among the industry's leaders."

"Our compensation and benefit packages are the best in our industry. From top to bottom, everyone is eager and proud to help those less fortunate. It is not a once-a-year commitment, but a daily one. It is what we do. I don't think that there is another company with the same sense of community and commitment."

Worldwide employees: 1,630
U.S. headquarters: San Antonio
Industry: Energy
Latino representation: 42%

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Note: The list reflects the experiences of U.S. employees only.

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