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10 Best Workplaces for Asian-Americans

Dec 05, 2016

These are the companies that received the highest marks from their Asian-American employees, according to data collected by Fortune partner Great Place to Work. Rankings are based on employees’ sentiment on workplace fairness, opportunities for advancement, and job satisfaction, along with other workplace statistics. The quotes below were given by companies' Asian-American staff. For more on great workplaces, see Fortune's list of best companies for overall diversity, and our lists for Latinos and African-Americans.

1. Katalyst Technologies

best workplaces for millenials 2016- Katalyst Technologies Courtesy of Katalyst Technologies 

Employees say:

"It's a company that has a family feel to it, and yet at the same time, is on a high-growth trajectory. This unique combination makes you feel like you're a part of the group, and at the same time you have limitless opportunities to grow."

"You are given a free hand to grow and explore. You can bring your ideas and thoughts to the table and they are always encouraged. If you are willing to work hard and be efficient, you will go far."

U.S. employees: Confidential
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Evanston, Ill.
Asian representation: 71%

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2. NVIDIA (nvda)

Courtesy of Nvidia 

Employees say:

"Even in the hardest of times, the company genuinely does all it can to retain its employees. Nvidia provides a work environment that encourages lateral movement within the organization. It encourages employees to be continuous learners, and provides the necessary infrastructure and support to pursue technological challenges."

"Nvidia is an industry leader but it still empowers its employees to take risks to go above and beyond what is expected of them, and they are rewarded accordingly. One unique thing about Nvidia is that it recognizes talent irrespective of age, and allows individuals to contribute to the best of their ability. Nvidia also has a great intern program, which grooms young talent who eventually end up joining as full-time employees."

Worldwide employees: 9,431
U.S. employees: 4,882
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Santa Clara, Calif.
Asian Representation: 52%

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3. Cadence

Multinational workplaces 2016- Cadence Courtesy of Cadence Design Systems 

Employees say:

"The benefits are very generous and I think I get a fair share of the profits. ... Most things here are very transparent and decisions are made collectively. If you can prove you have a good idea, it is appreciated and rewarded."

"Each one of us (whether a new college grad or a seasoned veteran) is respected, and we are comfortable in letting our work reflect our passion, creativity, and capacity without any fear. The management encourages this actively and lets the strong performers (not just by seniority level) become technical leads on projects. This is very unusual at almost all of the companies I have heard about."

Worldwide employees: 6,811
U.S. employees: 2,790
Industry: Electronics
U.S. headquarters: San Jose, Calif.
Asian representation: 49%

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4. American Savings Bank

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- American Savings Bank Courtesy of American Savings Bank 

Employees say:

"I am able to contribute to my fullest potential. The company gives me the opportunity to learn and grow in many different aspects of banking."

"I believe there are lots of opportunities to find your place at this company. You are able to move to different areas that peak your interest, and learn more about banking in general. The atmosphere here is great because the company promotes a great work-life balance for employees. This flexible schedule is ideal for any millennial."

US employees: 1,131
Industry: Financial Services & Insurance—Banking/Credit Services
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu
Asian representation: 57%

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5. Salesforce (crm)

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- Salesforce Courtesy of Salesforce 

Employees say:

"The unique thing about the company is that everyone knows everyone. Even the new hires are introduced to almost everyone. You have freedom to talk to higher management in town halls and question anybody. ... Also, you can take any training you want. You can easily work from home. And there are extensive programs to allow more flexibility around work and personal life balance."

"The transparency maintained by the management is amazing. We are always made a part of big decisions, and every employee has a say in the business development process. Each employee is provided with the necessary training and guidance to achieve their goals, and pave a good career path."

Worldwide employees: 22,070
Industry: Information Technology—Software
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Asian representation: 25%

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best small and medium 2016- Edmunds Courtesy of 

Employees say:

"What makes Edmunds a great place to work is the way management cares for their employees. Edmunds has always strived to encourage employees to have a well-balanced work and personal life. They encourage us to take time off from work, and provide additional benefits such as gym reimbursement. Employees here work well together across departments as we are all proud to work for a company that cares not only for its product, but also its employees."

"This company has offered much more than what I expected in terms of trusting me, expanding my knowledge, expanding my skills, and giving me a great work-life balance, great benefits, and good compensation."

U.S. employees: 689
Industry: Information Technology—Online Internet Services
U.S. headquarters: Santa Monica
Asian representation: 29%

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7. Dropbox

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- Dropbox Dana Romanoff 

Employees say:

"I'm truly honored to be part of a company that feels like a family; a place where I refer to my peers as friends first, coworkers second; a place that I can wake up every morning and get excited heading into; and a workplace environment that empowers its occupants to produce their absolute best work. ... Dropbox is full of so much love, care, dedication, and selflessness that the only appropriate word that I can think of to describe it would have to be 'magical.'"

"Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming. A lot of people go out of their way to make sure new employees have what they need to succeed. During my first week here, I was encouraged to walk around and sit with any group for lunch and it was totally fine."

Worldwide employees: 1,600
Industry: Information Technology—Software
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Asian representation: 30%

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8. The Boston Consulting Group

best workplaces for millenials 2016- Boston Consulting Group Anthony Collins Photography 

Employees say:

"I can't imagine working for a more supportive company than BCG. I am pleasantly surprised by how much the company invests in developing its people and the community. The company focuses on professional development, formally and informally. For example, I was able to attend a training in which we built a robot. One year in BCG is equivalent to several years of growth elsewhere. ... There are programs and opportunities for everyone. I cannot more strongly express how amazed I am by the support BCG provides to its people."

"Our PTO (predictability, teaming and open communications) mandate really separates us from other consulting companies and helps to not only preserve work-life balance, but really drives better teamwork and more value for our clients. I've been impressed consistently by how hard we work to make sure we are always providing value to clients, and how we simultaneously maintain an incredibly congenial, friendly workplace that is so tailored to developing and growing our staff."

Worldwide employees: 12,734
U.S. employees: Confidential
Industry: Professional Services—Consulting/Management
U.S. headquarters: Boston
Asian representation: Confidential

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9. VMware

Best Workplaces for Diversity 2016- VMware Damion Hamilton 

Employees say:

"VMware allows us to bring our authentic selves to work through fun, learning, and social responsibility events. ...VMware provides $5,000 and five days off to each employee annually (after their one year anniversary) for training. I have personally benefited by furthering my executive learning on leadership and negotiation."

"I've been given the opportunity and freedom to design a solution to a problem—and if the solution is approved, I will eventually develop it. By involving me in multiple levels of this cycle, I get the chance not only to engineer the project, but also can appreciate the big-picture of the problem."

Worldwide employees: 19,357
Industry: Information Technology—Software
U.S. headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
Asian representation: Confidential

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10. Scripps Health

Courtesy of Scripps Health 

Employees say:

"Our president and CEO’s vision for our organization, as well as his business expertise, has enabled our organization to weather the current financial market without compromising the quality of care for our patients. I am humbled and proud to work at Scripps."

"Although the ultimate goal of our company is to provide the best health care for our patients and customers, our company has appointed good management. They are focused on investing in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of the employees. We are freed, fueled, and inspired to bring the best of ourselves to work every day. Most of all, we’re given the chance to pursue a career we’re passionate about."

U.S. employees: Confidential
Industry: Health Care—Hospital
U.S. headquarters: San Diego, California
Asian representation: Confidential

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Note: The list reflects the experiences of U.S. employees only.

Also see our main list of the 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity, part of the December 15, 2016 issue of Fortune.

Editors note: An earlier version of this article misstated the percentage of Asian representation at several companies. They have been corrected.

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