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By Fortune Editors
December 5, 2016

These are the companies that received the highest marks from their African-American employees, according to data collected by Fortune partner Great Place to Work. Rankings are based on employees’ sentiment on workplace fairness, opportunities for advancement, and job satisfaction, along with other workplace statistics. The quotes below were given by companies’ African-American staff. For more on great workplaces, see Fortune’s list of best overall companies for diversity, along with our lists of best companies for Latinos and Asian-Americans.

1. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Courtesy of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Employees say:

“There is a family-centered spirit among the associates. When working together, there is a certain camaraderie felt between departments. It seems that everyone understands that we are all working toward one common goal which is to provide excellent patient care. This is not only expected of the associates, but leaders as well. … I am proud to say that I am a part of this organization. It has truly helped me grow as an individual.”

“Everyone is given the opportunity to do their best and contribute to the institution equally. [Programs at the hospital] give every employee an opportunity to do their best, contribute to the progress of the institution, and get rewarded for their effort.”

U.S. employees: 11,203
U.S. headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Industry: Health Care—Hospital
African-American representation: 41%

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2. Texas Health Resources

Courtesy of Texas Health Resources

Employees say:

“I love the fact that the organization has created pipelines to groom employees for consideration for next-level roles. We also have tools and resources to assist those who are in leadership roles to be more effective.”

“Texas Health Resources is passionate about growth and development, and that is a huge benefit to me. I have had the ability to complete my MBA while being employed here, and took full advantage of the tuition reimbursement provided. I have also had the ability to grow over the last six years from a Professional level employee to a Director!”

U.S. employees: 18,815
U.S. headquarters: Arlington, Texas
Industry: Health Care—Hospital
African-American representation: 18%

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3. FedEx (fdx)

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 07: FedEx delivery person, Chris Aniemeka, delivers packages on the day the company announced they plan to purchase TNT Express NV on April 7, 2015 in Miami, Florida. FedEx Corp. announced today that it would buy the Dutch parcel-delivery firm for about $4.8 billion as it expands in the European market. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Joe Raedle—Getty Images

Employees say:

“The diversity here at FedEx makes it a great place to work. I collaborate with fellow employees who are from various backgrounds and cultures on a regular basis. I think it benefits our society as a whole when people who are different can relate to one another in a positive fashion.”

“This company is special, starting with management. They recognize people’s hard work here and make an effort to make you feel important. Coworkers also try to help you feel at home here. Regardless of whether you are a manager or a handler, everyone here tries to help one another as a team and as a family.”

Worldwide employees: 335,435
U.S. employees: 268,784
U.S. headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Industry: Transportation—Package Transport
African-American representation: 29%

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4. Foot Locker (fl)

Courtesy of Foot Locker

Employees say:

“Coming into the company, you are given all the tools you need to succeed, and the only thing you really have to bring to the table is the dedication and motivation to provide great service to each customer. Not too many companies of this stature today provide that. Plus, you have room for development within the company.”

“What’s different about this retail setting is that there’s a focus on the best way to sell shoes to customers—as opposed to just focusing on cashiers and general customer service. This environment is great for those who want to better themselves in public relations and sales skills, or work toward a leadership role. You learn the basics of the retail industry, and take responsibility for daily operations from the time the store opens, right up until it closes for the day.”

Worldwide employees: 45,646
U.S. employees: 33,961
U.S. headquarters: New York, New York
Industry: Retail
African-American representation: 43%

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5. Delta Air Lines (dal)

Pilots and Flight Attendants ascending up the escalators. - These images are protected by copyright. Delta has acquired permission from the copyright owner to the use the images for specified purposes and in some cases for a limited time. If you have been authorized by Delta to do so, you may use these images to promote Delta, but only as part of Delta-approved marketing and advertising. Further distribution (including proving these images to third parties), reproduction, display, or other use is strictly prohibited.
Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Employees say:

“The leaders of this company truly appreciate all employees and create an environment in which I love coming to work every day. We are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas about how we can continue to improve what we do. Senior leaders are very in touch with all levels of employees. As a manager, I am encouraged to recognize employees whenever possible, and have the resources available to do so. I would say employees are extremely satisfied, very dedicated to the company, and most of us plan to retire from here.”

“I have been here 25 years and feel so lucky to be here. I love that this company recognizes the great things that happen for their employees, and also goes above and beyond when not-so-good things happen to one of their own. When a flight attendant lost a family member in a terrible small plane crash, Delta chartered a plane full of her colleagues to her home, so that those who wanted to pay their respects could. And when the base needed flight attendants, they brought in others to cover the operation so that they could go to the services. When Delta had a mass computer problem, a man posted about missing his daughter’s first day of kindergarten, so Delta sent that little girl a gift and apologized saying it was ‘not Daddy’s fault, but rather Delta’s fault.’ When Delta employees win the Chairman’s Club award, the divisions surprise them, and it truly is one of the best days of your life! They flew my mom and dad out to surprise me, and it brought me to tears. The examples are endless. I am so proud of my leaders here and what they stand for, and am proud to work as a flight attendant and for this great company. I hope I retire here.”

Worldwide employees: 85,553
U.S. employees: 82,431
U.S. headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Industry: Transportation—Airline/Commerical Aviation
African-American representation: 21%

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6. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Employees say:

“Kimpton is a great place to work because you are allowed to be yourself. I find it very motivating and inspiring to know that I can come to work and be accepted for who I am. I also appreciate that I get to really know the people I work with because they feel comfortable being themselves. The respect and care that they have for work-life balance allows me to spend time with family and myself and not feel guilty about being away from work. This makes a me a more productive leader.”

“You are not just a name or face with my company. Everyone who represents our home office knows the managers and staff that represent us. We are empowered to take care of our staff members and our guests. And we can be creative in our approaches to how we lead our teams.”

U.S. employees: 8,142
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco, California
Industry: Hospitality
African-American representation: 18%

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7. Marriott International (mar)

Courtesy of Marriott International

Employees say:

“Work-life balance is excellent. I really admire how every associate is well looked-after, especially when any special need arises, which helps keep enthusiasm very high. Every associate is treated as a professional, and there’s a high standard of personal conduct and collaboration. The humility and accessibility of senior leaders, including Mr. Marriott, makes associates feel we are all on the same team.”

“Marriott is the best place to work. The unique part of this company is a strong supportive culture— professional growth is a priority, and the work is challenging and requires you to grow.”

Worldwide employees: 218,512
U.S. employees: 100,525
U.S. headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland
Industry: Hospitality—Hotel/Resort
African-American representation: 22%

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8. Quicken Loans

Culture shots of the Quicken Loans offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Courtesy of Quicken Loans

Employees say:

“QL has changed my life and has opened up what I think of when I think of a good job. I am forever grateful for my employment here and I really love the respect that the company has for their clients and the community. I think QL is the greatest workplace I have ever even heard of.”

“This is the only place I have ever worked where I am comfortable being 100% myself, knowing that I will be accepted for who I am and no one will try to change me.”

US employees: 13,690
U.S. headquarters: Detroit, Michigan
Industry: Financial Services & Insurance—Banking/Credit Services
African-American representation: 19%

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9. Aflac (afl)

Courtesy of Aflac

Employees say:

“During my 26 years with Aflac, I have never thought about working for another company because Aflac has a CEO that remembers and acknowledges you by name. There’s a feeling of not only recognition, but that we’re all part of a family. Our CEO is a wonderful human being who truly cares about his employees; he could never be on “Undercover Boss” because we all know him, as well as what he stands for. … In my heart and prayers, I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Aflac.”

“Aflac is probably hands-down the best employer I’ve ever worked for. I have been with the company for five years at several different departments. Each department had its own special way of making you feel like you weren’t just a number or another employee. I actually feel like Aflac cares about me as an individual. I make a difference each day in our policyholders’ lives and that is such an awesome feeling. I love Aflac and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a long-term career.”

Worldwide employees: 10,324
U.S. employees: 5,374
U.S. headquarters: Columbus, Georgia
Industry: Financial Services & Insurance—Banking/Credit Services
African-American representation: 35%

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10. AT&T (t)

Courtesy of AT&T

Employees say:

“AT&T is an organization which rewards hard work and ownership. As an employee, I feel as though what I do matters. I feel valued and I am rewarded for my contributions. Plus, AT&T is retooling its workforce. We have an opportunity to be educated in ways we would have never dreamed of before, and the company is paying for it. I am truly thankful to work for such an innovative and enterprising organization.”

“For such a large company, AT&T does a great job creating networks for people to connect and grow—from tight-knit mentoring circles, to global employee resource groups. I also believe we have good transparency into job roles and pay scales—for any management job through the Executive Director-level, everyone can see the requirements, pay scale, and hiring trends. It is very easy to understand what training’s needed to progress your career, while also understanding where and how the company is investing resources.”

Worldwide employees: 287,283
U.S. employees: 240,127
U.S. headquarters: Dallas,Texas
Industry: Telecommunications
African-American representation: 19%

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Note: The list reflects the experiences of U.S. employees only.

Also see our main list of the 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity, part of the December 15, 2016 issue of Fortune.


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