Even celebrity can’t shield you from the ups and downs of living in a democracy.

During the 2016 campaign, it was clear that Hillary Clinton had the advantage when it came to endorsements from boldface names. Many of the most powerful women in the music, comedy, and entertainment were outspoken Clinton fans, so it’s not surprising that they were distressed by her loss to Donald Trump. Here’s what some of them had to say on the subject during election night and after Trump’s win was announced Wednesday morning.

Some, like Ellen DeGeneres and Emmy winner Sarah Paulson, offered words of support directly to Hillary Clinton.

Others, including Chelsea Handler and Misty Copeland, gave shoutouts to the outgoing President and First Lady.

Author Margaret Atwood and country singer Melissa Etheridge, meanwhile, offered words of support to their fellow citizens.

Then there were those who were just plain heartbroken.

@ladygaga let me into her vagina for safety when I cried. And that's beautiful.

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