By Claire Zillman
October 13, 2016

For all the news stories about Republicans abandoning Donald Trump in droves following the leak of the now-infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape, a recent poll found that 38% of Trump voters are standing by him despite the revelation. A new story and data in The Atlantic say a belief in reverse gender discrimination may be the reason why.

Analyses have found that about half of men feel American culture is too soft and feminine, and that men are suffering because of it; they’re being punished for simply acting like men. Polling by PRRI and The Atlantic show Trump supporters are more likely than Hillary Clinton fans to feel that way, as are Republicans and conservatives compared to liberals, moderates, and Democrats.

The problem, the article says, is that those people tend to see social gains as zero-sum; women’s progress in gaining equality in the workplace and at home has come at men’s expense. Men used to run everything, and it seems some of Trump’s supporters consider his alpha male candidacy—vulgar language and all—a promise to restore that status.



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