MealPal helps users narrow down lunches featuring their favorite ingredients.
Photograph by Claudia Totir via Getty Images
By Valentina Zarya
September 19, 2016

Some apps strive to help you find love. Others just want to help you find lunch.

On Monday, MealPass announced that it’s rebranding to MealPal in order to reflect the new “Pal” feature introduced by co-founder Mary Biggins, according to Eater.

The retooled interface, which she calls “Tinder for food,” pays homage to the popular mobile dating app in that users can now swipe up to 100 ingredients that they like or dislike. This helps “Pal” narrow down the more than 600 restaurants in the app to what users really prefer.

Much like ClassPass, which Biggins also co-founded, MealPal charges subscribers between $99 and $119 per month (depending on the city) to skip lunch lines at participating restaurants every weekday. But at the rate the app was adding new restaurants for users to choose from, it was getting harder to pick what you want for lunch, Biggins explains to Eater.

“If you start to really trust Pal, you’ll start to get dishes you might not have tried before, but you actually really like,” Biggins says.


In addition to the name change and added features, MealPal has also launched in two new cities today: Chicago and Washington, D.C. It’s already available in New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Boston.


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