McDonald's new Gilroy Garlic Fries.
Photo courtesy of McDonald's
By Benjamin Snyder
May 18, 2016

After a successful test run, McDonald’s (mcd) is bringing back its new garlic fries.

The fast food chain tried selling the “Gilroy Garlic Fries” earlier this month in some locations and quickly sold out of garlic. Now, the fries are being brought back and could soon be sold in 250 Bay Area restaurants in the next few months, according to KRON 4.

“The new fries are made-to-order in McDonald’s kitchens,” according to McDonald’s, “where restaurant employees toss French fries in stainless steel bowls with a purée mix that includes ingredients, such as chopped Gilroy garlic and olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley, and a pinch of salt.”

“It’s been great for us,” said a store manager in an interview with KRON 4. “Just seeing the overwhelming customer demand, and people talking about it all over social media, and just the feedback has been great.”

In announcing the new product, the chain said it was testing out the fries as part of “a trend at McDonald’s [to] experiment with regional flavors and food on its menu.”


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