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By Christopher Tkaczyk
May 17, 2016

Companies that support other businesses — usually legal, HR, staffing, design, financial, and management consulting firms — are great examples of organizations that understand the importance of human capital. In other words, they recognize that people are their greatest asset. This year’s ranking of the best workplaces in professional services includes a wide variety of different types of companies, though they all have one unifying trait: they take care of their employees. Across the board, these great employers offer fair compensation, flexible scheduling, and often keep clear lines of communication between management and workers.

These companies also have all been certified as great employers by Great Place to Work, Fortune’s longtime partner for the annual ranking of the 100 Best Companies to Work For and other monthly best workplaces lists. We asked their research experts to evaluate the workplace experience at more than 600 companies. To determine the ranking, Great Place to Work surveyed 30,000 employees in the professional services industry. Here’s the new ranking for 2016, along with explanations from employees about why they love working there.

1. Kimley-Horn

Courtesy of Kimley-Horn

Headquarters: Raleigh, N.C.
Numbers of locations: 78
U.S. Employees: 2,500
Year Founded: 1967

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“Management cares about providing for the future of the company by focusing on career development and leadership,” says one employee at this design and engineering consulting firm. “A few weeks after I started, John Atz, the president of Kimley-Horn, came to our office to have face to face meetings with groups of employees based on experience level. The meeting I attended was not scripted and did not have a specific agenda, it was a lunch meeting where he basically sat down and asked what we would like to talk about. We had an open and frank discussion about office culture, career development and business metrics. Peoples opinions and ideas were heard and discussed and everyone felt valued. At my previous employer this would never happen, the president had been scheduled to visit our office for the last two years to do a walk through and still had to constantly reschedule. At Kimley-Horn, the culture of cooperation and achievement is heavily nurtured and is made a priority by management.”

2. Mammoth HR

Courtesy of Mammoth HR

Headquarters: Portland, Ore.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 45
Year Founded: 2002

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“This company is absolutely exceptional in every way,” says an employe at this HR services firm. “They have an incredibly flexible work schedule/environment which shows how much they care about everyone’s personal preferences and how much they honor other things happening in employees’ lives. They set very clear expectations and really bend over backwards to help employees achieve their goals, both professional and personal. Management is very open-minded and encourages everyone to share input and offer ideas and genuinely listens. There is definitely a sense of family here and I think I speak for everyone when I say I couldn’t be more proud to work for such a progressive and ultimately monumental company.”

3. Neighborhood Loans

Courtesy of Neighborhood Loans

Headquarters: Lombard, Ill.
Numbers of locations: 3
U.S. Employees: 103
Year Founded: 2005

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“This is has been the most amazing company I ever worked for,” says an employee at this mortage lender. “Since Day 1, the president welcomed me, gave me exact tools, and made sure I will fit in. Employees, upper management treat you like family and make sure you have what you need to succeed. I love working for Neighborhood Loans. It truly is the best place to work. They put effort to make sure employees are happy and appreciated hard work and efforts,” says one employee

4. Disher

Courtesy of Disher

Headquarters: Zeeland, Mich.
Numbers of locations: 2
U.S. Employees: 95
Year Founded: 2000

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“Every person is an owner in this company,” says an employee at this product design consultant. “Therefore, everyone is involved in making decisions for the better of the company. The people involvement is unbelievable. Everyone cares about everyone and every thing. So key decisions are made by the people, not just management.”

5. Point B

Courtesy of Point B

Headquarters: Seattle
Numbers of locations: 8
U.S. Employees: 566
Year Founded: 1995

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“While I found a sense of ownership immediately when I started, I see an even greater sense with the full conversion to employee-owned. People do think and act like owners,” says one employee at this management consulting and venture investment firm. “Point B exists for the benefit of its owners, and all of us are owners. This makes us motivated and happy which results in delivering great work to our clients! Our leadership is very approachable and everyone has a say in the decisions they make. We are encouraged and have the flexibility to take time off whenever we want / need. Point B is a family.”

6. PPR Talent Management

Courtesy of PPR Talent Management Group

Headquarters: Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 110
Year Founded: 1996

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“Its amazing how much PPR makes you feel like you are part of a big family,” says an employee at this staffing firm. “I don’t feel like I am walking into work each day, I feel like I am waking up and going to be a part of my friends and family. I get to help people every day whether it be my clients or co-workers. I have the pleasure of getting to sit next to my CEO Dwight Cooper. Can you believe that the CEO of this company sits in cube? He gives the majority of the other tenured employees the ability to work in an office. I think that is so cool. I love have big of a role he plays in my day to day work like at PPR,” says one employee.

7. Slalom

Courtesy of Slalom

Headquarters: Seattle
Numbers of locations: 17
U.S. Employees: 3,388
Year Founded: 1993

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“Slalom is adamant about the employees driving the future of the company and ultimately defining the company and the services it provides,” says an employee at this consulting firm. “I’ve seen several examples of colleagues who noticed opportunities in the marketplace and were encouraged to build new practice areas around those opportunities. I know this happened within our Strategy & Operations group and I see it happening now in our Information Management and Analytics group. Closely tied to that point is how much Slalom supports all of our professional development to grow in the way we want. Besides allowing the time and finances to pursue educational opportunities, we often get to work on the projects and in the roles that interest us the most. When I started working here I mentioned how I wanted to start building the front-end of interactive applications. My first two projects were just that,” says one employee.

8. Cooley

Courtesy of Cooley

Headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
Numbers of locations: 10
U.S. Employees: 1,694
Year Founded: 1920

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“The firm is transparent in its overall management, providing everyone with high-level information about our successes, both substantive and financial, and our strategic direction,” says an employee at this Silicon Valley law firm. “All employees receive a state-of-the-firm presentation that offers insights into Cooley’s past performance and our goals and objectives for the future. The informal atmosphere is welcoming but not in any way indicative of the seriousness with which we do our jobs. Just because we wear jeans does not mean we aren’t expecting to perform at the highest levels – we just want to do so comfortably,” says one employee.

9. Plante Moran

Courtesy of Plante Moran

Headquarters: Southfield, Mich.
Numbers of locations: 20
U.S. Employees: 2,021
Year Founded: 1924

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“From the time you start with the firm and continuing throughout your career development, there is a constant emphasis on a work-life balance. While the expectation is that you still complete all of the work assigned to you, the firm stresses that you should have an active life outside of work,” says an employee at this accounting and consulting firm. “Management was very approachable and helpful in allowing me to relocate offices to be closer to family,” says another.


Courtesy of XPLANE

Headquarters: Portland, Ore.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 32
Year Founded: 1993

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“We can truly be fearless. This is the first place I’ve ever worked where people aren’t afraid to suggest ideas, ask for help and admit that they don’t know something,” says an employee at this design consultancy. “My boss has come to me to ask for suggestions on how she might facilitate a session. I felt comfortable asking other consultants to help me make sense of a really complicated project, without fear that they might think I don’t know what I am doing.”

11. Amaxra

Courtesy of Amaxra

Headquarters: Redmond, Wash.
U.S. Employees: 28
Year Founded: 2007

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“I love the weekly team lunch where the company buys us lunch and we all talk about our top three projects/needs/issues. We find out where what we are doing potentially impacts others, including staff and customers,” says an employee at this management consulting firm. “Amaxra is a unique working environment where questions are encouraged and staff are judged positively for admitting they don’t know and need help. Everywhere else I’ve worked, they might say this but they don’t mean it and usually it’s a negative. The culture at Amaxra helps make us a great team.”

12. Service Express

Courtesy of Service Express

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Numbers of locations: 29
U.S. Employees: 253
Year Founded: 1986

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“I think that the most unique thing is the transparency. I am able to access our intranet and see the goals of our President, CFO, etc. and see if they are meeting their goals. I can also see the things that everyone in the company is working on quarterly, and if I may be able to help them with any of their tasks,” says an employee at this IT hardware maintenance company. “The employee vision also ties into this as I have a monthly meeting with my manager to discuss my personal, professional, and financial goals. No topic is off limits including salary. Management wants to know these things so they can help us achieve those goals. This is something I do not think many companies take the time to do with their employees.”

13. The Boston Consulting Group

Anthony Collins Photography

Headquarters: Boston
Numbers of locations: 21
U.S. Employees: 3,023
Year Founded: 1963

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“BCG is a unique place to work because management truly cares about employees and wants to make sure that in addition to achieving the company’s goals, employees have the opportunity to cultivate their skills, explore new interests and achieve their personal career goals. My manager makes time to meet with me regularly to answer questions, discuss challenges and opportunities for growth, reflect on successes and gain insight on my career interests. I have never felt more appreciated and part of a team in the workplace than I have at BCG,” says one employee.

14. Prosci

Courtesy of Prosci

Headquarters: Fort Collins, C.O.
Numbers of locations: 2
U.S. Employees: 46
Year Founded: 1994

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“I feel that Prosci is unique in the area of allowing each employee to have a voice in the company. Questions are asked, meetings are held and employee feedback is always regarded highly,” says an employee at this management consulting company. “Prosci understands the importance of employees feeling that they contribute and give many opportunities to do so. Participation in team work is encouraged and rewarded. The reward programs are second to none. We have a yearly bonus plan that is designed around the success of the company and the individual success of the employee. Prosci is very generous with the bonus program.”

Another adds: “Every 2-3 years, management sets a challenge goal based on financial performance, and if the goal is reached, all employees and a guest are treated to a trip. Past trips have included the Bahamas, Disney World, an Alaskan cruise, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.”

15. Baker Donelson

Courtesy of Baker Donelson

Headquarters: Memphis
Numbers of locations: 19
U.S. Employees: 1,376
Year Founded: 1888

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“The CEO is accessible without reservation. He will return calls or e-mails the same day, or the next day at the latest. With over 650 attorneys, this is no small feat,” says one employee at this law firm, who added: “There are a multitude of ways the firm recognizes individual efforts. A weekly update highlights client accomplishments as well as individual or group civic achievements.”

16. HRMS Solutions

Courtesy of HRMS Solutions, Inc.

Headquarters: Boulder, Colo.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 17
Year Founded: 2003

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“Management is personally involved in developing the talent of their staff and in communicating the direction we are going. I would have to say Management is almost relentless in communicating and supporting their team and pointing the direction without hanging over your shoulder or micromanaging. At the same time Management encourages openness and involvement. If you want to be involved in something all you need to do is ask and if you need guidance or a sense of direction Management and your team work with you to develop,” says an employee at this HR solutions provider.

17. Torch Technologies

Courtesy of Torch Technologies

Headquarters: Huntsville, Ala.
Numbers of locations: 7
U.S. Employees: 379
Year Founded: 2002

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“Torch Technologies is a company that truly cares about their employees. Management does all they can to help make employees successful at their jobs and is also very understanding when employees have personal issues that come up, as everyone does. Torch is very loyal to their employees,” says a work at this employee-owned defense industry consultant.

18. Talent Plus

Courtesy of Talent Plus, Inc.

Headquarters: Lincoln, Neb.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 106
Year Founded: 1989

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“Exceptionally inclusive. Each individual, no matter what their role, is treated with dignity and importance,” says an employee at this management consultant. “If a senior leader is in a meeting, there exists no hesitancy to interrupt that meeting based upon one’s judgment to do so. Every role within the company is viewed as crucial; more importantly that feeling of importance conveys more directly to the person fulfilling each role.”

19. Roth Staffing Companies

Photograph by Ana Venegas

Headquarters: Orange, Calif.
Numbers of locations: 137
U.S. Employees: 532
Year Founded: 1994

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“Roth Staffing has a commitment to taking care of people and puts customers, candidates and coworkers equally,” says an employee at this talent and staffing company. “Our temporary candidates are ambassadors of our organization and frequently thank us for being so different than other staffing firms. As a company, we don’t have annual reviews. Instead, we have quarterly outcome management meetings, focusing on results and achievement and what each individual needs to be successful in their role. We are a strengths based organization, focusing on achievement by developing individual strengths instead of overcoming weaknesses. Our focus on giving back to the communities we serve is unparalleled. We actually get paid time off during the work day to work with our local community and make a company sponsored donation.”

20. CHG Healthcare Services

Courtesy of CHG Healthcare Services, Inc.

Headquarters: Salt Lake City
Numbers of locations: 7
U.S. Employees: 1,833
Year Founded: 1979

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“I work as clerical support and the VP we directly report to asked all of the teams for positive feedback about us without any of us knowing,” says one employee at this healthcare staffing agency. “He then later called a meeting and he had put all of the nice things people had said in a slide show and showed all of us. He later printed out all of the nice things people had said about us and gave it to each individual along with a gift card to the local food shop we all frequent. I think that is such a rare thing for an executive level employee to take the time and put something together like that to highlight a small group of support level employees. Very cool.”

About The Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services

The Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services list is a “best of the best” ranking. The winners come from the universe of Great Place to Work-Certified great workplaces. Nearly 600 companies are currently certified and have public workplace reviews, reflecting the opinions of over 255,200 employees who were randomly selected to complete Great Place to Work’s Trust Index Employee Survey. Almost 30,000 employees in the Consulting & Professional Services sector were surveyed about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace. Results from the survey are highly reliable, having a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 5 percent or less. The total score for each company is based entirely upon this employee feedback. The 20 companies with the highest employee ratings were selected for the list. Find out more about the survey process at, where you can also see the schedule of upcoming lists.


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