Hillary Clinton.
Photograph by Scott Eisen Getty Images
By Nick Romano and Entertainment Weekly
May 8, 2016

This story originally ran on Entertainment Weekly.

To show just how far women have come in the fight for equality, SNL presented Mattel’s President Barbie, the first female Commander in Chief made in the likeness of Hillary Clinton. The problem is no one wants to play with her.

Even though President Barbie is a girl just like the kids in the ad, one disinterested customer says, “Girls don’t have to play with dolls, we can play with whatever we want.” It doesn’t change her mind even when the doll gets sunglasses and a smartphone with Snapchat because it “feels like she’s trying too hard.”

And don’t even try to place President Barbie in the context of the struggle for equality. “I wasn’t alive then,” says one girl. Watch the sketch below.

As Kate McKinnon’s Clinton sings in an earlier SNL episode, “I can’t make you love me.”


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