By Adeline Duff and Travel + Leisure
April 16, 2016

It’s no secret that when it comes to travel, A-listers have it better than most of us. We’ve talked about mastering airport style and taking care of your skin mid-flight, but what about adding some overall celebrity-inspired glamour to your next trip? Thanks to the current generation of entrepreneurs looking to make our lives easier in well, every single way, there’s a plethora of services, products and apps out there to make traveling a much less stressful—and much more luxurious—experience.

Need a last-minute blow-dry before running from the terminal to your best friend’s wedding? Looking to get your green juice on at 40,000 feet for healthy, glowing skin? Whatever it is, there’s an abundance of travel hacks out there that can turn even the most mundane of travels into an A-list experience.


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