These are the top workplaces in healthcare for 2016.
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By Laura Lorenzetti
April 12, 2016

The health care industry is booming. As the American population ages and chronic disease becomes ever more prevalent, health-related companies have been expanding to meet these needs—and that means an ever-growing number of job openings that need to be filled.

The health care industry is expected to have the fastest employment growth and to add the most jobs over the next eight years than any other segment of the U.S. economy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About one in four new jobs will be filled by doctors, nurses, lab techs, and other support roles. That puts health care on track to become the largest employing major sector in America, overtaking state and local government by 2024.

As the industry continues to notch strong growth, we turned to the experts at Great Place to Work to find the companies that rate highest for employee satisfaction. Here are 20 small and large companies that are attracting and retaining today’s top talent in health care.

1. Texas Health Resources

Courtesy of Texas Health Resources

Nearly 98% of workers at Texas Health Resources say their work environment is a great atmosphere. The non-profit health system offers perks like a compressed work weeks and an low health care premiums that are tied to salary levels.

“Texas Health Resources does a great job encouraging and supporting total health including body, mind, and spirit,” said one employee. “Health and wellness programs are diverse and designed to support physicial, mental, spiritiual, and emotional health across a wide variety of cultures.”

Headquarters: Arlington, Texas
Numbers of locations: 250
U.S. Employees: 18,381
Year Founded: 1997

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2. Encompass Home Health and Hospice

Courtesy of Encompass

Encompass, one of the largest Medicare certified home health companies, offers employees benefits like flexible schedules and up to six weeks of paid time off every year. It’s part of the reason why 94% of employees say their workplace is great.

“Encompass’ motto is simple and clear: ‘A Better Way to Care.’ It is REAL, it is LIVED through all employees from CEO to field staff to back office,” said one worker. “There is an expectation of excellence that is supported with resources and recognition from the corporate office on down to each branch that makes being excellent possible for each and every employee.”

Headquarters: Dallas
Numbers of locations: 230
U.S. Employees: 8,140
Year Founded: 1998

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3. Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services

Courtesy of Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services

Ninety-eight percent of Preferred Home Health Care workers take great pride in what they do, and the company goes above and beyond to show that they appreciate their work, as well, with treats like free snacks and lunches during the day.

“I am in the extremely unique position to be completing this [employee] survey on my last day of employment with the company,” said a now former worker. “I am relocating for my spouse’s career and heartbroken to be leaving the family I have acquired over the last four-and-a-half years. I came into this company out of college and was able to rather quickly work my way into a management position. I have been given so many opportunities and afforded so much trust despite being young and inexperienced in the workplace and I cannot thank Preferred enough for the experience they have given me. I have no doubt that I will not find another company with the same culture and morale that I have here and that is why it is so difficult to leave.”

Headquarters: Eatontown, N.J.
Numbers of locations: 14
U.S. Employees: 167
Year Founded: 1993

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4. Southern Ohio Medical Center

Courtesy of Southern Ohio Medical Center

Southern Ohio Medical Center is a 233-bed, rural community hospital where 95% of workers say their company offers great rewards. The company prioritizes promoting from within with its “grow our own” strategy and offers an annual bonus program to reward employees for their contribution.

“We are family here and celebrate victories, bend with change, face new challenges together,” said one worker. “We always stick together. One hurts, we all hurt, one wins, we all win. We are proud of SOMC, and feel privileged to work here, caring for our community, and our loved ones.”

Headquarters: Portsmouth, Ohio
Numbers of locations: 22
U.S. Employees: 2,414
Year Founded: 1907

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5. Martin’s Point Health Care

Rene Roy Photography

Martin’s Point Health Care is a non-profit health care provider across Maine and New Hampshire. Ninety percent of its employees say their workplace is great thanks to small perks like a personal travel service or receiving a paid day off for their birthday.

“The work may be hard at times, but most every day we leave with a feeling we did important work that helped our patients, community and each other,” said one employee.

Headquarters Location: Portland, Maine
Numbers of locations: 22
U.S. Employees: 808
Year Founded: 1981

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6. Baptist Health South Florida

Courtesy of Baptist Health South Florida

Nearly 92% of employees say the health system is a great place to work and plan to stay for a long time. Baptist Health, which has been on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list for 16 straight years, offers perks like a $10,000 adoption benefit, 24 holidays and vacation days, and a 401(k) matching program

“This company encourages a strong belief in the spiritual well being of the individual and that makes the system a special place to work,” said an employee. “We are encouraged to maintain our emotional, physical and spiritual balance so that we can give our best to the organization and our families.”

Headquarters: Coral Gables, Fla.
Numbers of locations: 68
U.S. Employees: 14,792
Year Founded: 1960

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7. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Courtesy of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Ninety-nine percent of workers at this hospital take great pride in what they do. The health system, which seeks to find cures for pediatric cancer, among other diseases, also offers perks like a free on-campus gym and tuition reimbursement.

“Everyone goes out of their way to make the kids feel special—from the doctors to the guy at the deli counter,” said an employee. “People enjoy what they do and that shows in their interaction with both coworkers and patients and their families.”

Headquarters: Memphis, Tenn.
Numbers of locations: 1
U.S. Employees: 3,968
Year Founded: 1962

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8. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, No. 8 on this year's list of the 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care
A patient pets a llama at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, No. 8 on this year's list of the 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care.

Courtesy of Le Bonheur Healthcare

Pride proliferates at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare where 96% of employees say their workplace is a great atmosphere, which managers encourage by promoting from within and ensuring transparent communication.

“I am so very proud to be a part of this hospital,” said one worker. “I see all of the wonderful things they do for the community and how they treat people who come for treatment regardless of their race or socio-economic status. … I realize there are no perfect places on this side of heaven, but this has got to be so very close to a perfect place.”

Headquarters: Memphis, Tenn.
Numbers of locations: 7
U.S. Employees: 10,544
Year Founded: 1918

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9. Scripps Health

Courtesy of Scripps Health

At Scripps, 92% of employees say their work has special meaning—it’s not just a job. Scripps goes above and beyond to reward its workers with everyday perks like 15-minute chair massages and movie nights where the company screens highly-anticipated new movies.

“Every person working at this hospital shows respect for the other person’s position. Most people who come to work to this hospital stay for many years,” said an employee. “That’s one reason why this hospital unique. People here are loyal to the organization and employees have a clear vision of the organization’s goals and values.”

Headquarters: San Diego, Calif.
Numbers of locations: 30
U.S. Employees: 13,281
Year Founded: 1924

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10. Healthcare Resource Group

Courtesy of Healthcare Resource Group

Healthcare Resources Group goes above and beyond to acknowledge its employees’ hard work with benefits like its employee owned stock option plan and a CARE committee dedicated to planning fun events. Eighty-eight percent of employees say it is a great workplace.

“I am thankful every day for the team I am surrounded by,” said one employee. “Our management team builds us up and offers support and leadership when needed, while allowing us to grow as individuals. We are consistently encouraged not just to do our best but to be our best.”

Headquarters: Spokane Valley, Wash.
U.S. Employees: 325
Year Founded: 1994

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11. Adeptus Health

Courtesy of Adeptus Health

Ninety percent of employees at Adeptus Health (ADPT) say their workplace is great. The company, which runs a network of freestanding emergency rooms, encourages team celebrations throughout the year and hosts leadership training to equip high potential employees.

“I love the fact that anyone in our company would help out one another,” said one worker. “We had an employee’s house burn down, not only did employees come together to get them food, clothes, and shelter, but they raised money and a board member matched the donations.”

Headquarters: Lewisville, Texas
Numbers of locations: 64
U.S. Employees: 1,409
Year Founded: 2002

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12. Licking Memorial Health Systems

Courtesy of Licking Memorial Health Systems

At the nearly 118-year-old company, 97% of Licking Memorial workers take great pride in the care they provide their Ohio community. The company goes above and beyond to recognize their hard work with a peer recognition program and alternative schedule options to make work-life balance easier.

“I can’t imagine a more supportive work environment or a place with more caring people,” said an employee. “I had the misfortune of having two major family tragedies occur within a few days. I was repeatedly told to “put my family first” and the executive leadership of the organization supported me in making this happen. At one point, I truly did not know where to turn in finding assistance to care for my critically ill mother days after my father passed away. I called HR in tears and was immediately told not to worry. The hospital very graciously provided clinical staff to care for my mother at my home for the first few days after she was discharged from another hospital.”

Headquarters: Newark, Ohio
Numbers of locations: 24
U.S. Employees: 1,842
Year Founded: 1898

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13. Owens Healthcare

Courtesy of Owens Healthcare

This relatively small retail pharmacy chain in Northern California goes out of its way to support its workers, offering perks like a $250 wellness reimbursement for gym memberships or other activities. Eighty-five percent of employees say it is a great workplace.

“This company goes out of its way to get to know their employees,” said one worker. “They plan fun events at work as well as outside of work for employees and their families. They do an amazing job at showing that they truly care about the people that work here and are always giving recognition to those who deserve it. The employees are also wonderful and everyone gets along so well. I feel very lucky to be able to work for such an amazing company.”

Headquarters: Redding, Calif.
Numbers of locations: 22
U.S. Employees: 177
Year Founded: 1957

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14. OhioHealth

Courtesy of OhioHealth

OhioHealth believes strongly in supporting employees ongoing professional growth with programs like its OhioHealth University, a tuition reimbursement program, and rotational experiential learning opportunities. Nearly 96% of employees say their workplace is a great atmosphere with great challenges.

“The other unique thing about this company is how happy everyone is with their job,” said one worker. “It makes for such a nice place to come into every day. I often tell my husband, how cool is it that I can wake up in a bad mood, and leave work feeling better! That’s so different than what most people call ‘work.’ “

Headquarters Location: Columbus, Ohio
Numbers of locations: 137
U.S. Employees: 19,152
Year Founded: 1997

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15. AmerisourceBergen

Photograph by Jerome Lukowicz, Courtesy: AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen (ABC), a drug wholesale company, believes in ongoing career development for its workers with programs like its Women’s Leadership Initiative and up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement. It also offers generous paid time off starting at 20 days. It’s no surprise that 94% of workers say the company offers great rewards.

“There are two unique things that make this company unique. The first is that leadership really does foster any form of creativity and innovation,” said one employee. “Unlike other companies who say ‘great idea’ and give you a pat on the back, ABC actually will follow through and give you the tools and support needed to make ideas reality. The second great part is that senior leadership listens to associates and are very approachable. Conversations with senior leadership feel like you are talking to a leader, friend, and mentor, not a politician like at many other large companies.”

Headquarters: Chesterbrook, Penn.
Numbers of locations: 99
U.S. Employees: 12,157
Year Founded: 2001

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16. American Heart Association

Photograph by Charley Gallay–WireImage via Getty Images

The American Heart Association values employee wellness and encourages employees to disconnect with perks like an all-staff holiday break free of email. It also supports ongoing education with its career development center and American Heart University. It’s part of the reason 87% of workers say its a great workplace.

“The passion I have seen demonstrated by everyone I come in contact with is like no other company I have worked for. Everyone seems genuinely concerned about the mission and the accomplishments of the organization, which in turn means they are genuinely concerned about the overall health of the community,” said one worker. “For example, staff are willing to work extra hours or hours outside the normal day to do things like teach CPR or go to schools for participation in events.”

Headquarters: Dallas
Numbers of locations: 156
U.S. Employees: 3,189
Year Founded: 1924

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17. Atlantic Health System

Courtesy of Atlantic Health System

Atlantic Health System, one of the largest non-profit health care providers in New Jersey, promotes a “healing culture” at its offices with initiatives like a mentorship program, pet therapy for employees, and its “Healing Arts” artist-in-residence exhibit. Ninety-four percent of workers say their company is a great atmosphere.

“This company is a great place to work because it hires a diverse population of people,” said one worker. “For example, as an employee, one is able to encounter people from various backgrounds, cultures, with different languages, life experiences, which creates an environment where people are more open minded and accepting of others.”

Headquarters Location: Morristown, NJ
Numbers of locations: 6
U.S. Employees: 10,801
Year Founded: 1996

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18. Great Lakes Caring

Richard Lim Photography

Great Lakes Caring, which offers home health and hospice care, believes in extending its well-being focus to both patients and employees. The company offers a telecommute option used by 60% of employees and provides health care coverage to part-timers who work at least 30 hours per week.

“I absolutely love my job,” said one employee. “I have freedom to treat patients in the way that I know is best, and I have the support that I need. I can really make a difference in peoples lives here.”

Headquarters: Jackson, Mich.
Numbers of locations: 22
U.S. Employees: 1,376
Year Founded: 1994

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19. Cottage Health

Courtesy of Cottage Health

Based in central California, Cottage Health offers generous benefits like covering 97% of employees’ health care premiums and 85% of dependents’ premiums. It also matches 50% of employee contributions to the company 401k plan, up to 6% of salary. No wonder 92% of workers say the company offers great rewards.

“We use the concept of ‘Shared Governance’ throughout the organization,” said one worker. “As employees, we are able to ‘fix’ our own problems, instead of having a top down style of leadership. As long as the result is cost neutral and we don’t get into HR (labor, wage and benefits) issues, we have pretty much carte blanche to make changes within our departments that make it work more efficiently.”

Headquarters: Santa Babera, Calif.
Numbers of locations: 6
U.S. Employees: 3,173
Year Founded: 1996

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20. Benco Dental

Courtesy of Benco Dental

Benco Dental is the 3rd largest dental supply company in the U.S. The company, which is family-owned, has maintained its close knit work environment by prioritizing two-way communication and offering annual profit sharing for workers. Ninety-four percent of employees say their workplace is a great atmosphere.

“Benco is simply a fabulous place to work,” said one worker. “It’s owners, the Cohen’s, are very open and giving and treat you like one of the family, not just a number. We get a huge say in what our jobs should be, and we also get immediate assistance and help when needed. I love working here.”

Headquarters: Pittston, Penn.
Numbers of locations: 66
U.S. Employees: 1,307
Year Founded: 1930

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