Friday's Apple Watch queue at Singapore's Ion Orchard Mall
Photograph by Bryan van der Beek — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Jason Cipriani
March 31, 2016

Since its founding, Apple has created some of the most iconic consumer technology of our time.

Its new products—well, at least most of them—are known for their splashy launches, their ability to attract long lines of customers, and blockbuster sales.

With Apple’s 40th anniversary today, we thought it would be fun to ask you, our invaluable readers, about your favorite Apple product of all time. Is it the iPhone, which puts the Internet in the palm of your hand? Or do you love the iPod for connecting you with your music catalog everywhere? The MacBook and iMac, of course, have grown in popularity over the years and are no slouches in their own right. Perhaps the Apple II, the original Macintosh, or iBook are throwbacks that you just can’t let go of. Then, there’s the newly announced Apple TV, which the firm promises is going to change our living rooms as we know it.

So which one is it? Vote below:


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