Travelers form a long security check line.
Photograph by Irfan Khan—LA Times via Getty Images
By Michal Addady
March 22, 2016

Frequent flyer miles aren’t just for flying anymore.

Alaska Airlines (alk) announced that it is currently offering its mileage plan members the chance to redeem frequent flyer miles for a TSA Precheck application. For 10,000 miles, you can cover the $85 application fee.

“TSA Precheck is a game-changer for those of us who travel frequently for work or pleasure,” Alaska Airlines’ vice president of marketing Sangita Woerner says. Travelers who are approved TSA Precheck members can get through security much more quickly. They don’t have to take off their shoes, light jacket, or belt, and they can leave laptops and liquids inside their carry on bags.

This offer is only valid through April 30, but membership lasts for five years. In order to apply you first have to schedule, and pass, a screening appointment. If it turns out you aren’t eligible for TSA Precheck, which would be the case if you aren’t a legal resident or have committed a disqualifying criminal offense, you’ve just wasted 10,000 frequent flyer miles.

Alaska is the first airline to offer this kind of redemption for mileage plan members.


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