By Heather Clancy and Adam Lashinsky
March 2, 2016

Every now and then it feels like a good idea to hear what readers of Data Sheet think about what I’ve been writing, especially as the times get more and more controversial.

Regarding the great Apple-vs.-the-FBI debate, one reader wrote, “You do not acknowledge, much less address, the problem that whatever the FBI can ultimately make Apple do, the governments of China and Russia will assert the same rights against Apple. This is not just a problem with one phone used by a bad guy in America. Public opinion may be against Apple but that is 1) because the media has not done its job of educating the public, and 2) the media has overachieved in scaring the public about terrorism.”

Reassuring though it may be to blame the media for all our problems, I think the China/Russia argument is a red herring. Apple and other tech companies absolutely will do as they are required to do in those and other countries, just as they ultimately will do in the U.S. No doubt obeying every country’s laws in which a company chooses to operate is a cost and fact of doing business there. Apple isn’t obligated to sell iPhones in China or Russia, just as Google has elected not to operate a search engine in China under its censorship laws.


Another reader enjoyed the referral to David Kushner’s article in Rolling Stone about the Darknet and recommended two books. “While reading Future Crimes by Marc Goodman, I was horrified to find out the level of criminality actually taking place in the Darknet. By the way, another good read is The Cuckoo’s Egg, by Clifford Stoll, in which he documents the first global hacking organization.” I also was directed to a great series of reviews of the TV show “Mr. Robot” by the chief technology officer of WatchGuard, who praised and explained the show’s authenticity.


In yesterday’s Data Sheet I gave the wrong date for a celebration of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list in New York City. It is at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 8. You are still invited and welcome to register to attend here.

Adam Lashinsky


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